Coronavirus, the use of the Internet is pushing for a new record


Through this cable, the information of movies, news, on Twitter, and sound messages
Image: Frank Röth

The amount of data that is exchanged over the Internet, it has reached values. It also has to do with controlling the spread of the Coronavirus in the portal, the news and social media, the nearly live.

Mhis own in December, it was still an eight terabits-per-second, as for the unbelievable Large on the evening of the 10th. In march, it is now 9.1 per Terabit of data has been exchanged within one second, the Internet node in Frankfurt. The world record was measured on Tuesday at 21 PM.

Inga Janović

It refers to the amount of data of the two-million high-definition video, a movie, or to the information content of two billion, as outlined in the standard Din-A4-pages.

De-Cix, operator of the Internet, the node that is the basis of the rapid increase in the current hiv pandemic: In this exceptional case, all of the games from the Internet, for many people, a significant role. And then, of course, changed more and more and more information. Anyone who looks at you, see Your social media channels, websites and Newspapers and radio stations were constantly new Details about the spread of the Virus and its consequences.

The dial-in numbers for these information sources is very high. In the same way, the demand for the playing of the movie the risen, according to the report of the De-Cix-in streaming, web and Online. This is likely to be a result of many of the prescribed or at least recommended to the house of the host state.