Danna Paola conquest hearts on Instagram with their BURNING legs


Danna Paola 24 years is one of the mexican artists that more success is getting abroad. As part of the promotion of the third season of the series “Elite” where she performed the role of “Lucretia”, Danna attended an event wearing a miniskirt that revealed almost completely by their burning legs and shared it on Instagram. Wow!

The singer of “Bad Reputation” has been characterized by to become a few years, in an empowered woman and super sexythat he manages to conquer million of hearts not only their fans, but almost all of the public. Now, Danna Paola take advantage of that is in one of his finest moments as an artist and continues to add followers to your social networks, at the moment has over 17 million followers, but surely very soon will exceed that number.

In addition, the actress of “Elite” is triumphing now in Seville, Spain next to the cast of the series Netflix. As part of the promotion of the third and final season of “Elite”, Danna Paola has filled his instagram of various photos and videos with their peers, especially their “friend” the chilean Jorge Lopezwith whom it is rumored that the singer of “Soda” could have a romance.

Danna Paola and her hot body

In the photos you shared Danna Paola on your social network, boasts its luxurious outfit, but the public beyond a delight in the side fashionista Danna, could not resist the burning legs the singer and actress. In the event, the mexican artist used a mini-skirt of leather and a blouse, midriff tops of flare which highlighted even more his sexapil.

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In addition, in other pictures, we could see Danna Paola again very affectionate with his mate “Elite”the chilean actor Jorge Lopez. This image continues to be increased the rumors of romance between the latino artists, but for the moment, neither has confirmed or denied this. Probably the actor has been impressed with the confidence and beauty the mexican Danna Paola.

Danna Paola and Jorge López/Photo: Instagram

Danna Paola and Jorge López/Photo: Instagram