Disney+ has canceled a series of ‘Tron’ and two other projects more

The past 25 of February news came that Bob Iger, CEO of Disney during the last few years, ahead of his departure as chair of the study. The movement was already agreed, but it was expected that Iger depleted until the end of his contract, something that the CEO has preferred to withdraw. But this does not mean the end of your involvement within the company of the mouse. Until his final departure, Iger will focus primarily on the development of Disney+, the new streaming platform.

The new audio-visual service has already been launched in several countries with success and is developing up to 100 new projects (half of which already have scripts), preparing to launch 35 products original during its first year on the market. “Disney+, we have the ability to make a kind of movie that we stopped producing for the market theatre, including comedies, family, small, inspirational films and smaller, more comedies than average budget”said to THR Sean Bailey, president of production of the platform.

Disney+ cancel 'Tron'

But as expected, the pre-production of many projects has begun to cause the cancellation of many others. As reported by THR, Disney+ I would have cancelled the filming of a comedy about the Muppets created by Adam Horowitz, Eddy Kitsis and Josh Gad; a drama about villains Disney developed by Michael Seitzman; and a new series about the universe of ‘Tron’ prepared by John Ridley.

Change of strategy

On the other hand, Disney+ has also decided to change of place to the series I prepared on the movie ‘With love, Simon’ and ‘High fidelity’, becoming now in projects of Hulu, something that could also happen with the revival of ‘Lizzie McGuire’.

All of these changes are preceded by the strategy of family posted on the streaming platform, trying that his catalogue oscillates between the recommended products for all ages, and those for 13 and older. Luckily, ‘The Simpsons’ have managed to break this rule and you will come so integrates to Spain.