Guinness world record: on the German Internet node DE-CIX has reached 9,1 Terabit/s


Guinness world record: on the German Internet node DE-CIX has reached 9,1 Terabit/s
Image by: DE-CIX Group AG

The German Commercial Internet Exchange (DE-CIX) in Frankfurt am Main, which is measured in terms of the rate of transfer of data from the largest Internet hub in the world, and placed it on the night of Tuesday, with a throughput of more than 9 terabits per second, set a new guinness world record. The DE-CIX Group AG, announced it is now on Twitter.

The node breaks its own record

Thus, the German Internet hub has once again surpassed its own world record after he was able to get a couple of weeks before, with the 8.3-Terabit/s, for the first time, the brand name of the 8000-Gigabit I/o For your time, prior to the Release of iOS 13 it was in September of 2019 at the latest, to a new record of 7.1 terabits-per-second.

The traffic on the Internet is growing by the COVID-19

The person responsible for the DE-CIX Group AG as a whole is the chief technology officer, Dr. Thomas a King was not expected till the end of the year, with high Traffic and may not see the last of the Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), and therefore, in many cases, resulting in chronic lung COVID-19 as the primary reason for the large increase in the rate of the transfer from the data.

If it is for the exchange of information, streaming movies, online gaming, or in an unusual situation, we are currently experiencing with the COVID-19 from the virus, and the use of the Internet is playing an increasingly important role.

Dr. Thomas King, CTO at DE-CIX Group AG

Traffic has doubled in 5 years

In the past, it is not the least important of all the Apple Events have caused new records to the Internet node. Up until about five years ago, the rate of transfer of data to the DE-CIX, located in Frankfurt am Main, at only 4 terabits per second with less than half of today’s volumes of data.

Over the past 5 years, the Traffic IN January, we have CIX has more than doubled
Over the past 5 years, the Traffic has more than doubled CIX, the more you do it (image: DE-CIX Group, AG)

The DE-CIX Group AG provided to Interested parties on the company’s Website for a more comprehensive statistics about the usage and Traffic of the world’s largest Internet node is available.