Horizon, a Zero-Daybreak: a Port to the PC, confirmed that a smooth change of strategy

The one that rumbled on for a long, credible, it is not surprising for it to be true: as sony’s PlayStation 4-exclusive-Horizon Zero-the Dawn of the year is 2017 and, in fact, in the summer, to be released on the PC. Thus, there is a smooth change of the strategy, connect to it, the plans have been introduced for the platform, Sony is general, but it is just.

On the Horizon is non-Zero in the early Morning hours, the players will find themselves in a post-apocalyptic world that is dominated by the Remains, and the legacy of a lost civilization. Not as dangerous, the robot dinosaurs that live in the area, as the people of the tribal-tech-of-the-stone-time-use items. The title makes the Genre isn’t new, but it has been implemented in a coherent and exciting Story, is provided. It’s not a micro-transaction, it applies to the players as an added Bonus.

On the PC, the game will be released as a complete version of the game, with Mini-Shows, in General, the former member of the pre-order bonuses, as well as the critically acclaimed Frozen Wilds, the extension of the package reveals that it is visible to the Steam page of the product. More than just a “summer of 2020 to be there at the time of publication, but it is not the place to be.

(K)for a change in strategy

In the port, and, as such, it is also worthy of note, because up to now, the great games from Sony’s Worldwide Studios, has remained an exclusive for PlayStation consoles reserved. Only the Streaming service PS Now is a selection of the offer, may also be used on the PC, but it will only be through the Cloud-drift and location of the model.

The first port of call is your own Zugpferds to a non-PlayStation platforms, there is a radical change of strategy, and how it is connected, but it is a Change to the previous procedure. On the contrary, the strategy of Microsoft to promote the Xbox”, in a way that the Overall branding and production of the PC, the Sony does not currently have any such plans.

On the PlayStation Blog, Hermen Hulst, the head of Studios all over the World, for the same two points in the Interview, that his employer “100%“the PlayStation’s Hardware to handle. The re-launch of the mediadoes not mean that every game coming to the PC“. In addition to this, there are no plans to release any new games on all platforms. The aim was, on the contrary, “most people on the PlayStation, this“and to show it to you, “what have you lost“. The publication, which, in this particular case,”fit“it has, it has the character of advertising.

Between the lines, Sony is in the way and I did not say that it is a lot of space. Even if the game ends at all, or at the same time on the PC, it Claims that, in the future, with most of the Games, but with a certain amount of time, it can be expected that, eventually, it should be “not all of theyounot 100%“but it’s all inclusive.

In the case of the Sony, such an approach results in, as well as the insurance is for the developers of Hardware, the PlayStation towards the achievement of The company has the eco-system of an operating system, as an alternative of a leg to stand on, and that is the main use of the console. The complete opening of the issue, that is. Carry the game with a delay of up to several years for its PlayStation promotional value is just the negative consequences, ranging from a short-term, and the amount of Hype that is sold to you, but it can also be a positive effect of advertising. In addition to this, the Sony can win with the already expensive Game was developed for a second Time for the money.