Huawei P40 Pro to break the record


Huawei will be holding an Event venue in Paris, the new series P-26, as originally planned, at the. In march they presented. The first Briefing has already begun, and the company is so informed, how ever, before some of his peers, and the media.

Including to gizmo China, it makes sure that the Huawei P40 is set For a new record. It is assumed, as in the eye of the eagle, was of the view that the “optical” Zoom is the best, and that’s more than 10 times are possible.

The camera will dissolve with a 52 megapixel camera, and, therefore, there is a new Sensor, however, has RYYB-Sensor that was introduced with the P30-Per). The focus will be on the camera again.

Huawei P40 Pro with the new material

Huawei does not want to use, and the addition of new material, but even so, it’s going to be. The media have been able to experience Raising P40 Per well in a Box”,” we don’t want to show it to you.

You are also talking about the AppGallery is now the third most popular app on the market, and there are more than 400 million active users. Without the Google Play Store, the private Store of Huawei this year is going to be crucial.

Test: Huawei without Google Apps

Huawei P40-pictures-of-a-prototype

Huawei P40 Prototype From Header

Currently, the images of the Huawei P40, the round one, which was published on Digital Trends. It has been seen, the device in accordance with the most recent Event on Huawei’s (the Companion to Element that was shown in the case of an employee, and he was…29. Feb 2020 →READ on



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