iOS, 14, revealed 9 the the iPhone, the iPad Pro, the AirTags, and more


A few days ago, got the Code for the iOS, with 14 (via By 9to5Mac), not only reveals a lot about the new features of the upcoming operating system, but it also provides you with the information to the new device, which could be the Apple within the next few weeks.

iPhone, 2 iPhone 9

While the naming is still not clear, you should be equipped with Touch ID, as well as to Express public TRANSPORT, the role of more and more operators of public transport and to handle. On the Website, it has been suggested that the idea that it takes place in conjunction with the release of apple’s 13.4.

the iPad Pro, with a Triple-chamber

In addition to this, we also have discovered new information about the upcoming iPad Pro, thus confirming the recent rumors, according to which the next-generation model will feature a single camera with a 3-d Time-of-Flight Sensor, which allows for a better understanding of the depth of it. If not, it is based on the System of the current iPhone, the 11 Pro, and it’s going to be the first to integrate an ultra-wide-angle, wide-angle lens and a telephoto lens of the camera on the iPad.

The new Apple TV, and AirTags

Not only the long versions of the movie-14-Leak, it is well-known that Apple is actively working on a new Apple TV Box. The Beta for the tvOS 13, we have already had suggestions for you. Presumably, Apple is going to buy the Apple TV 4K, a new word processor, such as an A12, or A13, Bionic, and give more power for the Apple Arcade. In addition, the Integration of HDMI, the 2.1 would be possible. Interestingly, none of this is mentioned, but only the remote control that you would like to receive a complete Overhaul, in order to increase the ease-of-use is a new Leak.

In addition to this, the Leak has revealed new Details about the AirTags, which can be well-known, objects mounted to them. As is shown, there may be ways to set up multiple trackers, with one Installation, as long as the battery is being replaced.

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