iOS the 14: face recognition for HomeKit and a new Homescreen view


After you have delivered it to you already yesterday the first thing about developing for the iOS, 14, and iPadOS 14, there are now more and more rumors about the next major Update for the ipad, iPhone, and iPad. According to 9to5Mac, Apple is currently working on many exciting features.

This is, for example, a new Homescreen Option, which is in the Applications with their Icons, and the folder will be graded. In spite of this, there is also a list of all the applications that can be classified in many different ways. For example, all of the messages have not been read may be displayed on the top of it. In addition to this, you can then the applications of the filter that is used for the last time. Moreover, the Crab offers are to be on Board, Depending on the time of day, and the place is the same as for the appropriate applications are all listed above.

On the night Shift for HomeKit

Also, in the surrounding of a HomeKit should do it with the the iOS 14 a lot. Well, Apple seems to have, for example, at the Turn of the Night, to smart light bulbs for the job. With this option, the lamps can be adjusted to your color temperature to match the time of day, so that, for example, in the morning, with a cooler White, while at night, the warmer tones of the color are the most popular. It is, of course, it’s one thing to manually, it is already possible without problems, with the Night Shift on the Apple, I would like to automate this function.

In addition to this, the area of the camera to take a new role. After the release of HomeKit a Secure display, Apple wants to extend the Functionality of iOS in 14, apparently, and face detection for both known and unknown.