Isa Pantoja hit. “You drugged to come to work”. Everything comes out of. And it’s very tough


isa pantoja

March 11, 2020
(15:26 CET)

Kiko Rivera is currently on a promotion for the various spaces of Telecinco. Viva la vida, The program of Ana Rosa or Save me. In all of them he sings his latest single that is sweeping across the country, Tuboescape. After sitting on the couch with the co-workers and speaks distendidamente of some aspects of your life. Despite this they note that currently, Isabel Pantoja is the queen of Mediaset. All applaud the DJ.

Where the more sincere the singer was in the program Emma García. There he remembered his hard episode already narrated in GH DUO. “The biggest mistake of my life was entering the world of drugs” he confessed without any shred of doubt. The young man has highlighted the support of his wife, Irene Rosales, and his mother, Isabel Pantoja. Without them recognize that it would not have been possible to get out of that hole.

Kiko Rivera and Irene Rosales

The singer feels very ashamed and sorry for everything that happened and what did happen to yours, however it is not considered “guilty” because it was a stage that passed by the circumstances and environment of that time. Also I was young…”. The worst thing was the busy night life of the son of Isabel Pantoja. I needed to endure your pace of life.

Emma Garcia was thrilled and reminded him of the time in which he confessed his addiction in GH DUO. “Consumed hashish and marijuana every day, and also cocaine. For me to go to work was hitting me a party, did not excel in my job, gave what had to give” explained. “I saw that I could not hold the pace and then I started to consume drugs to stay awake and be able to work” added. “Tell the tale was to take a large weight of the backpack,” said the Dj while his wife added that “also I shed because for me it is hard to imply things.”

Now Kiko Rivera is a new man. Life smiles at you in every way.