It horned! Gema Lopez has been the last to find out. “Is with another”

March 10, 2020
(15:29 CET)

Gema López and the rest of collaborators of Save me were addressing the alleged infidelity of Kiko Jimenez Sofia Suescun Wake Great this past Monday. Carolina Sobe desvelaba at the end of last week in Live the life of the contestant of GH VIP 7 had been seen in mid-week to leave a building in the company of the ex-wife of Diego Matamoros. It seems that this friendship that arose in the house of Guadalix would have gone a step further.

This end of the trio’s loving time was more than predictable. All the spectators saw that between Kiko Jimenez and Wake Big had something special. The only one who didn’t know see was Sofia Suescun who now would have been a bucket of cold water, as that has been Violet Mangriñán, this if we were not expecting it.

violet mangriñán confesses the infidelity of Fabio

The adviser of the love in MYHYV returns to be in the centre of the controversy. The valencia announced on the program that he had just learned of the infidelity of Fabiohis partner, with another girl of your environment. The young man collapsed in the program and ended up embracing Toñi Moreno, his great consolation. Shortly after he gave an explanation to his followers on their social networks.

Violet Mangriñán account that these events occurred last summer, when his relationship with Fabio had just begun. Since I came to know the news all over the world called “horned”. Does not support that insult. The Italian put the horns with a friend of hers and although it was only a few kisses, the valencia was really bad, for this reason never revealed this information to family and friends.

For if someone were to question, the relationship between Fabio and Violet continues. Your love the wind in its sails and the whole sail.