Joker, Pennywise and The Mask may appear in ‘Space Jam 2’


Although there is still more than a year for the premiere of ‘Space Jam 2’, have come to light a few rumors that, although to the naked eye seem to be completely impossible, still have not been discarded. According to these alleged leaks, we would see several cameos of other characters from Warner Bros., as The Mask Jim Carrey, the Joker or Pennywise. According to some alleged photos of the filming (from a user not official), we see The Mask dress of umpire and the two clowns from Warner in front of the cameras.

According to Redditthese were not the only cameos that we would see on the tape, “it is true, characters from ‘a clockwork orange’, the Joker or the Agent Smith of ‘the Matrix'”. If this were true, the movie would turn it around and it would turn into something much more crazy that we could wait until now. Although there is currently no official image and everything is rumors, we already saw many crossovers into other films of Warner as ‘The LEGO movie’ or ‘Batman: The LEGO movie’, so everything is possible and do not give anything by ruled out, mad as that sounds.

Space Jam 2

With the air similar to the original

‘Space Jam’ marked an epoch within the films dedicated to the field of sport, with Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny to the head. This makes your sequel to have a very similar structure, a sequel of which is still unknown the plot, but it is known that it will be starring LeBron Jamesthat we will have to Bugs Bunny’s back with all the Looney Tunes and little by little we have been learning more about developments in the deal.

As in the first installment, the Monstars will return, and we will see cameos of various stars NBA and WNBA, as Anthony Davis, Chris Paul, Damian Lillard, and Diana Taurasi. In addition, if in the first because we had to a Hollywood star like Bill Murray, in this we will have to Don Cheadle. So we see it is of a similar structure, although of confirmed rumors, as mentioned, give him an air very new to the project.