Lupillo Rivera accepted your reality, do you Have a problem with women?


Lupillo Rivera it has been branded as a womanizer in many occasions, and is that the singer was divorced some time ago of his ex-partner Mayeli Alonso, so that after this separation has been mixed up romantically with several women, being Belinda one of them, although a few weeks ago also it has been seen romantically with Monica Nogueraso that has given him a fame of “womanizer”.

In that sense, the journal “Excélsior” questioned by Lupillo Rivera on if he is a womanizer, so he decided to admit that you have a problem with women, and with a lot of honesty spoke that if he is a womanizer.

“I think that all the people I is described as a womanizer, right? And why not be a womanizer, if the most beautiful thing of this earth are blessed women,” said Lupillo Rivera.

Despite being a “womanizer” Lupillo Rivera has confessed that there is only one woman in his life, and which he considered as the owner of his heart, and is Rosa Saavedra, his mother.

However, recently, Lupillo Rivera was the target of criticism when you go up to a woman to the stage at an event to sing las mañanitas, the interpreter of “Suffering alone” gave him a kiss on the lips.

Lupillo Rivera is sick and tired of Belinda

The singer of the band has said on multiple occasions that he is fed up that you keep asking about her alleged relationship with Belinda, because he has said everything he has to say about such a relationship, also highlighted that this has been in the past, but it seems that the fans and the media do not exceed it.

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Even Lupillo Rivera he confessed that he wants to go see his work “Today I can not lift” however, you do not want to stumble into the media, to be questioned on that topic.