María Patiño ¡shocked! Changed the face for 600 euros! Look at the picture


March 10, 2020
(17:10 CET)

There are many and many who work in television who decide to be once in a while some other touch-up. Names like Jorge Javier Vázquez, Gem Lopez, Pillar Rubio or Mary Patiño are a good example of this.

In fact, there are not a few who speak of the host of Socialite as a “addicted to tinkering” seeing the amount of times it has been placed in the hands of the best surgeons, either to touch up part of your face or your body.

However, this type of touch-ups are also becoming very common among the youngest of the chain. Ylenia Padilla it is a good example, as well as Alejandra Rubio.

Alejandra Rubio

The touch-up of Alejandra Rubio

And it is that, while it is true that the daughter of Terelu not that it takes precisely a lot of time in front of the cameras, it seems obvious that you have already decided to get some touch-up to look better.

Or at least that is what many point in the network to see it recently in Telecinco. A Alejandra that, for many, “It is a beauty that needs no touch-ups”. In any case, there are several experts in surgery and aesthetics, which will ensure that the granddaughter of Maria Teresa Campos would have made several touch-ups for a total value of 600 euros.

Between the cheekbones and the treatments to give more luminosity to your skin, that is the ballpark figure that many take for good. And of course, as was to be expected in the case of a character of the ‘universe Telecinco’the comments on social networks have not been made wait.

In this sense it has been of all kinds. From those who claim that “not what I needed” and that “if it starts so young is going to end up spoiling” to those who claim that “you feel wonder” or that, “is gorgeous”.

We’ll see if Rubio decide to stop here on their visits to the surgeon or, on the contrary, follows the trail of Jorge Javier or Patiño and makes your visits a ritual.