Microsoft and its partners to smash huge Botnet Necurs


The Jack-of-all-trades-Bot Necurs is a story. Criminals have taken advantage of the merger of approximately 9 millions of compromised computers all over the world, among other things, the sending of e-Mail Spam, encryption, mining, and a Copy of your Log-in data, and the distribution of this Ransomware.

From the Blog entry shows that Microsoft was heavily involved in the demobilization process. Now that you’ve achieved in accordance with the control of the Necurs-infra-structure, and which can prevent the brain from further actions.

In order to achieve this, Microsoft has established itself with a range of partners, from 35 countries, and for eight years, and the tracks that follow. They are pushed to the back of the Layout, such as the Necurs-the-men-behind-the-Domain-create. So Microsoft & co. they were able to generate more than six million Domain names for the next couple of years, and that the registrar’s report.

Thus, the Areas that are not part of Necurs, which is locked with the registrar. Thus, the Necurs-writers, are almost like. In Areas with existing researchers have already reported to the control.

In addition to this, the us Internet service providers and other institutions, such as Certificates and work together to rid the world of the Computer, the Necurs Malware.

The Necurs Botnet has emerged in the year 2012, and for the first time on the Radar of security researchers. Since then, the criminal network from all over the world to the Problem. In 2017, among other things, it will feature the Trojans and Locky were distributed through the Bot. In the same year, and it has also been used for stock manipulation. According to the report, the other Criminals will stand Necurs is available for rent.

In the first place, Necurs, however, it has been one of the most powerful networks in the sending of Spam e-Mails. During the 58-day Follow-up, the researchers observed a botnet is a Computer that is sent out during this period, an increase of 3.8 million Spam e-mails to some 40 million casualties.