More than nine million of the victims are: Microsoft makes a huge botnet is lame

In a case with international, Microsoft kills one of the most hazardous botnets in the world, more than 9 million computers were under the control of the “Necurs”. The researchers suspect that the operator of Russia, is one of the most wanted hackers of the world can be involved.

After eight years of research and planning, managed by Microsoft, in conjunction with partners in 35 countries, is one of the “most productive” around the world, to turn it off, part of the more than 9 million infected computers all over the world.

Security researchers observed, “Necurs”, which could be used to spread the Malware as of 2012, writes Microsoft. Among other things, the bot is also on the hackers who have plundered the Trojan horse Bank “GameOver Zeus” by 2014, more than $ 100 million. “Necurs” has also been used to deliver access to any data or other sensitive information to theft, ransomware-Malware and the PC to the crypto-Mining is lost. The botnet can also be used for a computer, growing up with a deluge of requests for Lahm (DDoS attacks), which up until then had not been turned on, it seems, but even so, according to Microsoft.

Especially Necurs has been a huge Spam slingshot. According to Microsoft registered in the 58-day trial period, a single infected computer is sent at this time, about 3.8 billion Emails to over 40 million victims. Including, Russian Dating, Mail, or drugs, it is Spam. Interestingly enough, the operator would have rented out the botnet apparently infected Computer sold, ” writes Microsoft.

The trail leads to Russia


Jevgeni Mikhailovich Bogatschew has not been taken up until now.

(Photo: REUTERS)

“Necurs” it’s a long time, and the operators have not been caught. Microsoft believes the botnet has been controlled by the Russian federation. In this talk, among other things, that the trustee shall be the “GameOver Zeus” is a Russian named Yevgeny Mikhailovich Bogatschew, one of the most wanted criminals in the world. The FBI discontinued in 2015, to capture a reward in the amount of three millions of dollars, and so far, it has not been given yet. According to the “world”, and this may be due to the fact that Bogatschew is working with Russian intelligence services. He is said to have spied on behalf of the Moscow government and the intelligence services of other countries.

The botnet is disabled, but can be re-enabled. Microsoft has noted that it “Necurs” you can bring the infrastructure and Algorithms that are constantly in new Areas over the next 25 months, he would have been more than six million Internet addresses. They have been reported under the respective countries, in order to prevent it.

The Microsoft Scanner is available from

For users who don’t want to have to make sure that your PC is part of a botnet, Microsoft has a free Scanner that is available. If you have already downloaded and opened, you can select how you want to scan.

To remove, simply delete the file (msert.exe). In order to re-Analysis, and it needs to be re-downloaded to be up-to-date information.