Mozilla and Regenerating-contribute to the development of the mobile operating system


Built on a increases with the KaiOS. In fact, the company abandoned the work on his own operating system, Firefox OS, the company’s KaiOS Technology transfer. It ought to be, above all, to update the Gecko Rendering Engine.

The two companies announced the collaboration in a blog post. Since KaiOS on the Web, use Applications, Gecko is a core part of the operating system. Also, in Firefox, the Rendering Engine is. Together with Mozilla and the KaiOS would like to make a number of improvements, New features, highest standards of safety and Performance.

This will include enhanced Support for the Progressive Web Apps (pwas), for the optimization of the use of the command line WebAssembly, and WebGL 2.0 for the graphics, as well as About, and AV1 for the pictures and Videos as well as the introduction of the standards for encryption in TLS 1.3 to include a specific. Firefox has been relegated with his current Version of the web Browser 74, only TLS 1.0 and 1.1. All of my Changes are also released under the Mozilla license, free.

However, the Mozilla Firefox has been considered as a viable Alternative to Android and iOS develop. Since the system is operational, but has not been set up to work with. KaiOS-to-handle and constructed so as to open up the source code of an operating system for cheap Smartphones, the so-called Feature Phones, such as Nokia and Samsung. They are are located mostly in the developing world.

KaiOS is moved to the third place after the two other systems. Approximately 400 Applications are in the KaiStore available to you. Since last summer, and the Messenger of WhatsApp, in the KaiOS devices to be running about the same. Among the investors of the KaiOS of Google, the search engine giant has invested over us $ 22 million in the KaiOS. Therefore, Applications such as YouTube and Google Maps on the devices, often even pre-installed on it.

“Our Updates will provide you with many Internet-Only users with access to more digital devices, the prices are affordable, safe and reliable equipment,” says Sebastien-code of the de Ville, chief executive officer of the KaiOS of Technology. KaiOS is based on HTML5 and other open Web Standards. It supports 3G, 4G LTE, Wi-Fi, a-GPS, and NFC. The equipment required for the use of only a small amount of memory.