“My luxuries are my issues”

“I’m the best reguetonero and ragman alive.” This controversial phrase we have heard you say on several occasions Anuel AA in the last few weeks. Even in the topic that you share with Bad Bunny, Is Bastard Be I, it has been reaffirmed with the verse “I Am the best ragman live, it is my opinion”.

This claim has generated great controversy in the social networks where many users and fans of the genre urban have led to debate his words and have questioned it as well. And if there had not been enough debate about it, now the Rabbit Bad it has defined itself as “the best”, above Anuel AA, in an interview offered to Santiago Matías program Alofoke Radio Show.

Faced with the question of who of the two is better, if he or Anuel AA, the puerto rican 26-year-old responded resounding: “I, even I, am the best. In truth, we have different styles and each one has its fans. It is up to the people and also not, because there are people who are going to say to him, other than me. If you ask of me, obviously I’m going to say that I’m the best. I have confidence in my talent, in my flow, in my ideas, that’s why I’ll always say that I am better than anyone I put in front”.

Although each one thinks he is the best, it seems that that does not affect their relationship of friendship. During the celebration of the launch of the latest work from Bad Bunny, YHLQMDLG, we saw them very complicit singing the theme to share and when Anuel AA says the controversial verse, the Rabbit Bad ensures looking at the camera above the sound of the music: “it Is the opinion of him. The more hard I am I”, while her companion laughs.

But this is not the only issue that he addressed during the conversation with the above-mentioned means, since that was also asked why it does not show their luxuries in social networks unlike many of their peers who bring out their jewels, cars, and extravagant possessions.

I like that shine on me, be the music. My luxuries are my subjects, my subjects are my jewels

“It’s not my style. I am different. I think that there are already many in that flow, and there is always the fronteo. I fronteo in the songs. Do you want to know me? Listen to my songs. Then, I like to be as well, that what shine for me, is the music. My luxuries are my subjects, my subjects are my jewels,” he said without mentioning names, but giving a lesson of humility to many of his colleagues in the profession.

What you seem to be the assertions of Bad Bunny?