Nails: the manicure with iridescent clouds of Ariana Grande is adorable as she


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A nail art for the true dreamers

10 March 2020

We told you that the cloud nail it is one of the trends nails to try immediately, in confirmation of this, the amazing new nail art of Ariana Grandehe shared via Instagram Stories. A almond long, with the base nakedwhere they have been applied iridescent clouds. A dream! But if you’re a true Directioner certain you’re not surprised, given that you know very well how much the pop star to worship the emoji cloud and use it always on social.

Here is the IG Story taken from a fan account:

Attempted? Tell me about it. We’ve taken a look at the hashtag #cloudnails on Instagram and there has opened up a world. Here, our favorite examples of nail cloudsthe manicure for the true dreamer:

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