Necurs Microsoft buttons, the world’s largest botnet


Necurs Microsoft buttons, the world's largest botnet
Image: Microsoft

Together with our partners, in 35 countries, and Microsoft has released yesterday a co-ordinated legal and technical action against the Necurs, it is probably the world’s largest botnet. The botnet is to have infected 9 million computers around the world, Spam, and trojan horses to other locks on the machine.

Microsoft wants it to be, in conjunction with the partners in the network-of-bots, at least for the time being shut down. This was in part due to the efforts that would have led to a mean 8-year-of-planning-and-control, but now that the Criminal can no longer rely on the it infrastructure. Microsoft discovered the botnet for the first time in 2012. As recent analyses have shown that a single infected Computer that is part of a botnet, it has to be shipped to you within 58 days of the 3.8 million Spam E-Mails to over 40.6 million individuals.

A botnet is for Hire

It is assumed that the Necurs-of-Criminal-Russia-and-operated a lot of different attacks to be used. Not only does the espionage of personal data, access data, and billing information, but also to fraud action, drugs, and Dating Offerings have been in focus. In addition, the botnet is said to have been made by other hackers, against the payments available, you could use it for their own purposes. In addition, the encryption of a mining attack had been planned from the botnet, and DDoS attacks are possible, which have not been previously used.

Microsoft has analyzed the algorithm in a network

5. In march he was awarded the U.S. Department of justice, the Microsoft the right, to gain control over the it infrastructure of a botnet, such as the web sites in the United States, which have long been used to distribute Malware, and trojan horses to other computers. We have been working with other businesses, the new web-site from the registration of the Necurs order to prevent the Malware re-release would be like. For this reason, you have analyzed the algorithm with the Necurs, systematically, to new Areas to be generated. So, you’ve got to be able to tell you about the six million people in the Areas which have been established in 25 months. This has, in co-operation with the record of the countries are now locked in. Following the Acquisition of the age, and the prevention of further web Sites which have disrupted the botnet, and significantly, from Microsoft.

They are now working with Internet service providers (ISPs) to remove the Malware from the computers of their customers. Governments, companies and authorities that are involved in any part of the world.