Necurs Microsoft put the brakes on the Mega-bot


Necurs has helped in the dissemination of the encryption, worm, trojan horse, but it is especially in the Sending of the Spam E-Mails in the to: Microsoft writes about the Banner, together with partners in 35 countries world-wide, the notorious botnet, to have until further notice stopped. Necurs is a total of nine million computers are one of the most active botnets in the world. The content of the E-Mails that ended up because of it in the boxes in the mail from all over the world, they have turned around the wrong products, such as pharmaceuticals, and the Russian Dating offers, ” writes Microsoft. A single Computer on your network sent to you within two months of the 3.8 million of the Spam e-mail messages.

Botnets can be considered to be, typically, such as a digital camera of the Zombie world. It consists of hijacked devices that are currently connected to the Internet. The owner is not the same as it was in the making for the malicious software part of a remote control of the host, and the attack on the servers of a third party’s help.

The Federal office for information security (BSI) says Necurs this network will be used in a variety of ways: “He is in a position to be in, at any time, with a new range of capabilities”. An infection with the Necurs is taking it “very seriously, as it is a great deal of harm to the Infected you can take. The Necurs-new your computer would be hijacked by, among other things, through E-Mail attachments that come as normal documents, but they contain Malware. In addition, we noted the wide range of the Necurs-operation with the Capture of the data, access to your account Online through the use of a Pump-and-Dump”stock schemes, to attacks on other Internet-connected computer.

“Botnet, disrupted”

Back Necurs Offenders are considered to be from the Russian federation. The Microsoft writes that the operator has to bring his / her botnet, most likely, also for other Criminals by selling those add-ons too.

For the first Time ever on the Radar of security companies in the Necurs 2012 has surfaced, Microsoft has also emphasized that, now that’s a strike against the botnet had been eight years in the making ahead of time. The measures to be taken would be to ensure that the operators can no longer rely on the Central parts of the Necurs-structure. In particular, we want to be able to, right now, to prevent the Necurs-company-of-record for the new Domain, which would have been used for attacks in the future.

Do you have a technology that, in the case of Necurs, systematically, a new Domain has been generated, explain to us, called a Domain generation algorithm (DGA). More specifically, it involves the six-million unique Domains for the next 25 months. This is not to be reported to Microsoft, so all the registers of the different countries, so that all the Fields are now a predictable part of the Necurs-structure. “We have taken control of the site and the possibility for the registration of new sites is prevented, we’ve disrupted a botnet that significantly,” says Microsoft. What’s more, it means that you get the Internet service providers to get rid of Necurs malware to the devices of their customers.

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