Nicki Minaj against Instagram: “If you take the like me to the gate”

The rapper Nicki Minaj there is. You like on Instagram like and show the world all of its communicative power, in addition to the close contact that he has with his millions of followers. The idea of losing this precious means to a feedback by users and to show with numbers that the post contents to have a excellent feedback for her is absolutely indispensable. According to the like the star understands with his team how to move and what social strategy works best. Thus, the possibility feared by Instagram to remove the like from the below photos and videos posted on the platform has annoyed to such a point that the singer from her push to threaten Instagram of to unsubscribe immediately if this is the one that for now remains only a hypothesis were to happen.

In reality it is more than a simple hypothesis. The rumours that Instagram has no intention of removing even in the Usa, the number of likes under the photos are more than well founded, and all over the world influencers tremble, because it is the basis of the like that are contacted by sponsors and companies. According to Instagram if you give less weight to like will increase the interactions between users and the content would be of value not more because posted by a instastar by millions of followers, but because, objectively, it is, even if it is not a celebrity. The aim is to make Instagram more human, not doing more to perceive as a social competition where it wins and is admired only by those who are more beautiful, more rich, more famous, while billions of users, even with interesting content, continue to remain in the shadows, posting content that are ignored by the community. By removing the like the follower should so focus on the photos and videos shared, not on how many likes they have received. Therefore, more attention to content and not only to the numbers.

To Kim Kardashian– the real queen of Instagram, this solution, surprisingly, is quite good, because, as he explained, “even if i like the influencers will have more difficulty working with the companies that they pay to sponsor various products based on the number of likes that they receive, it seems to me the best solution in order not to create generations of depressed and envious, quieting down even the hater. In this way, young people, including my children, will be less pressed by the social networks. And this is undoubtedly a good”.

Best not to give his opinion on the rapper Nicki Minaj that, in addition to accusing Instagram of manage badly the platform, stating that “he has destroyed thealgorithm and made a mess” he threatened to abandon it for ever if it should hide like in the United States, as it has done in many other countries, including Italy. The star, 36, peremptory: “This stupid news does not bring you any benefit, and if they do it here I will delete my account”. Explained clearly on other social, Twitterwhere he admonished: “I won’t post more on IG after this week, that will remove the like. What should I do now? Think of how much time I have available with my new life”. At that, many wondered how much time you spend on Instagram, the rapper if you don’t post more about it the revolutionize to such an extent life to give her so much free time.

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