O infidelity! Antonio David did not want to leave this. “He has had some rollete”


March 11, 2020
(16:16 CET)

Because of the participation of Dew Flowers in Survivors 2020 all members of the family and people nearby are being affected. The media are bringing to light episodes unknown of all of them. The last to be sprinkled has been to Ortega Cano. Following the approach of Ana Maria Aldón to Peacock and the anger of the right-hander, has been put into question his relationship with Rocío Jurado, the person I love most in your entire life.

Apparently their relationship was not as idyllic as they did show to the media. It has been Amador Mohedano who has uncovered this secret in his interview in Saturday Deluxe. “I passed whole days away from home, clueless”, said. Shortly after his marriage to the singer, the bullfighter disappeared from home for the night, and went to the wee hours of the morning.

Was Rocío Jurado who asked his brother, Amador Mohedano, that employs a few paparazzi to know what he was doing Ortega Cano on those nights. I didn’t want something bad had just come out to the light and was named as “the horned of Spain”. “He called Me to ask me: ‘Where is Joseph?’ It was six in the morning the other day and had not reached home. The thing was settled because he, seeing come the temporary, grabbed a plane and appeared in Santo Domingo in two days”, account.

ortega cano

The reaction of Ortega was not long in coming, and showed his discontent with Telecinco: “I am very sad and very upset. It is giving me a deal lately on Telecinco that do not deserve it. I am a person that goes through life well and now I feel like a bad person and a criminal. The human treatment with Telecinco… the truth is that I am very upset”, said in front of the cameras Save me.

He was also highly critical of Amador Mohedano, who is accused of removing issues from the past “by money”: “Is a person to whom I have given everything when he has needed”.

José Ortega Cano said last Sunday in Living the life that “we had bad times, like all couples, but never a deep crisis. The reality is that Dew was deeply in love with me and I am it one hundred per cent”.

However, Tito Rilo, former director of Yerbabuena, he would put in evidence the bullfighter with his statements.

“The bullfighter covered many things. If Dew I were alive I would not be with him,” he reveals. And is that it ensures had any “crisis” of the couple: “it Was a great bullfighter, but had other defects”. In addition, Rilo affirms what he told Amador Mohedano: “When you know Dew and put it in the theme galas, is desmadró and that she wasn’t ashamed, he sank”.

But there is more. And it is that has told that Ortega Cano was unfair to his wife: “He had some story while on tour, some rollete. And she knew everything, knew all the world”.