Ori and the Will of the Wisps in the Test: a ray of light in the color show


In his first adventure, the Ori have saved the forest of the title, and the Blind Forest, the Test of the golem.de give. Now, for the small the protection of the holy spirit has to move through the world, but this time it’s about a friend of yours. A young barn owl After it lost on its first flight somewhere in the far reaches of the world. The game is action-Orientation, and the Will of the Wisps, you control the main character to Rise up again from the side view, so if it is also in dark environments, colorful, to meet the feathered friend.

The job market

  1. ekom21 – KGRZ Hessen, Darmstadt, Gießen
  2. RICHARD WOLF GMBH, Knittlingen (area of Pforzheim / Karlsruhe)

In the first few minutes of the graphical improvements in the Ease of the Pieces will fall out, especially in comparison to the almost five-year tour. All of the details, good-looking, more wealthy, and also the color. In particular, the Interaction between the different levels of Background and walk-on platforms, in the foreground, it seems to be interesting.

In the first Chapter, we meet the most important to playful new feature: We have received a sword of power, which can defeat the enemy, you just have to press the Buttons on the pieces. Do I need to, thanks to an overhaul of the melee system-it is not necessary to it, instead of it, especially that lightning fast reflexes are required. This is especially true for a little bit later on, if you have to deal with the Balance of the sword, also, evasive maneuvers, and the like.

In the course of the game, we need more equipment, such as the magic of the bow, it will also turn on the power switch, and some of the puzzles need to be solved. Also, it’s an auto, so we are, at the end of the drone, and that our enemies with the lightning attacks, as well as a circular shock wave around the us.

These tools are incorporated into a role-playing game system that is more complex, and more interesting than its predecessor. Therefore, it is necessary to consider which of the three available active and passive special abilities and you want to make use of. For example, if we decide to, depending on the Situation, is extremely comfortable for Running around in the walls or in the cure, at the cost of the power supply.

With these Extras, we mostly find them in the underground environment. Some of them we can get on with our collected gold coins, or you can get them from any of the other figures to complete the side-quests. The latter, by the way, in this Way, the new Orion 2. the game is more open and inclusive than the first part. Depending on how many of the volunteers for the Missions that we do, it is the total execution time of approximately 20 to 40 hours.

The story is told in very short sequences. (Image: Microsoft/Screen Shot: Golem.de)

The problem is the same as that of the Blind in the Woods is very high, both in terms of the fights, and jumping in tanks. However, we find that the control is now considerably more accurate in the majority of cases, you will have made a whole lot of fun. The learning curve, Jump, and Jump, it’s just, all the feels, and I need to round it.

When we die, we are ready to do this in the normal case, and after a short loading pause, almost in the same spot. The puzzles are cleverly constructed, and they need more time to Think about it, however, it is not there, the tools are very good. In the above, it has been a lot more often to hang on to.

One of the main weak points have changed, however, is on the Rise 2 a little bit: It’s still a challenge to keep track of in the maze of the hand, it presented a Vision of where we are and how we can come to a place or a person. Without the constant scrutiny on the press of a button, toggle a map, we wouldn’t have found the deal.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps appears, at 11. In march 2020, for the Xbox, and A PC with Windows, Steam and Microsoft’s Store), the price is around 30 Euros. The Unit is based on the game, the voice output takes place in a fantasy language, all the texts are available in English. From the USK to the Moon in the Studios of the Austrian programme for the development has received a release from a twelve-year-old.


The desire of the Yarn-it feels almost the same as that of the first Orientation, and also the very best. In particular, the control acts in one round, then Run and Jump to do it after a very short period of time to adapt to a whole lot of fun. Even the most complex of the jumping challenges, which we have done in the hard to reach Places, such as on a number of occasions, simply because of the antics of the Orientation of the property. It has been difficult for the Pad to be put down – the game plays quickly, with the classic, “Just five more minutes,”the potential for addiction.

In addition to this, the graphics looks spectacular and beautiful. In the case of the combinations of the colors, it is the designers could do in the next few years, by the Will of the Wisps in width. This is great, how brave, courageous, and consistent, the scene is set. A similar is true to the band’s Sound is very good, and the simple but touching staged in the framework of the action.

The other improvements, you can find it it useful, especially with the new combat system with the sword of the energy, as well as the base of the weapon, along with the expansion of other levels and add-ons. The journal of role-playing game, is one of the Strongest points in the second half. Only the lack of, many times, the View of the world on the disturbing – the constant Checking on the map is annoying too. Also, Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a game of wonderful!

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