Pop Smoke is killed in a robbery in Hollywood. Yellow on the post Nicki Minaj: “jealousy is cruel”

Pop Smoke killed in a villa in Hollywood: rapper shot during a robbery

Pop Smokeartist in the great rise of the scene rapper american, died this night, shot dead at a villa in Hollywood by two men with faces covered. The Us media speculate a robbery, and the two bandits are still sought after.

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According to the website Tmz the raid, the army was at 4.30 in the morning, while in the villa was a feast. The two men exploded several shots and one of these has reached the rapper in his twenties, the century Bashar Barakah Jackson. Wounded severely, was declared dead at the hospital.

It seems that the villa is owned by Eddie Arroyave, husband of Teddi Mellencamp, the protagonist of the american version of Real Housewives. The rapper had rented.

It is not clear if the rapper knew the two robbers. It is mysterious, in that regard, the post on Instagram made by Nicki Minaj that he had remixed a song from the singer: “The Bible tells us that jealousy is cruel as the grave. Incredible. Rest in peace, Pop,” wrote the rapper, citing the Song of Songs attributed to King Solomon.

Born in Brooklyn to jamaican mother and father, panamanian, Pop Smoke was considered one of the rising stars of rap in the united states. The song titled ‘Welcome to the Party’, out with her new album last July, boasting millions of listens on the web and on the platforms streaming. Among its collaborations is one with Travis Scott, star of the hip hop Usa that has placed his song in the compilation JackBoys. Pop Smoke had made itself heard just a month ago when he was arrested at JFK airport in New York on a charge of transportation across the state border in a stolen vehicle, a Rolls Royce, which the rapper had rented for a video shot in California.

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