Rumor: it Would have to be the LEGO x-Super-Mario-ad, which is part of the Nintendo Direct?



A classic The Presentation From Nintendo Direct you’ll still have to wait as long for the month of September, we don’t have any display to see the most, and they are in the world series of defeats, which has existed since the era Switch is released. In between, there was, however, not specific in-game performances, and then it was on to the Fans, the pain in the ass.

The large Uk retailer The GAME responded very quickly to avoid the notice of the co-operation agreement between the LEGOand Super MarioSerieswe report on). Ask him to put a notice on the home page, you may, at any time, Newsletter you can register for a new piece of information, with the collaboration of the two big Franchises get. However, in the communication state, that is, the advertisement at the latest Nintendo DirectThe presentation was made, it was, in fact, I haven’t.

As long as Fans have taken up these lines, and some of them, to speculate on the next Nintendo Direct is, to think of others, and the presentation of it was lost due to the Crown of the epidemic. As long as the GAME has changed with the entry on its own page. The two images below, you can see the entrance ahead of time and in the manner such as this, and later looked up. If the British traders to know more?

© Will GAME / LEGO / Nintendo

© Will GAME / LEGO / Nintendo

It is a mistake to believe, or has been, or is, a Nintendo Direct presentation is in the planning stage?

Source: GAME news image: © Nintendo