Sky go & Sky’s the Ticket, and customers will have more freedom in the design of the equipment


The flow of the a lot of users know the Problem: those Who want to take your movies and TV shows on multiple devices, it seems that in many of the sellers at some point in the tube. Most of the Streaming providers that allow for only a limited number of devices that have been approved before, they will need to be replaced, or the list of deleted, new, Smartphone, Tv, Tablet or add. Just to see, heaven and the Heaven of the Ticket, the customer has, in the past, it’s a small act of self-discipline. Because up until now, only four devices and a modification of the device for a month, they were allowed to.

But it is more so now, as I said, the company said in a statement to the press, the developer has announced. In order to deliver the live stream to clients in the comfort of the Sky, you have increased the maximum number of an Account, the registered devices with Sky tickets now account for four out of the five. It is also, certainly, the growth in the number of devices as possible. Finally, in the Sky tickets are now on Windows machines, iOS, and Android-based devices and PlayStation ® 4, Xbox One and Smart TVs that are available to you.

As a special for the facilitation of the Sky, it also means that in the future, at least five exchanges between the two devices in the month. A significant improvement in contrast to prior to. Anyone who would like to share your multiple devices from the list of accounts, you don’t have to do this over a period of months.