Some of the PS4’s Fans don’t come to light with the announcement of the PC


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The highly acclaimed game on the PS4 Horizon to Zero early Morning with a hunter, Aloy, comes after more than three years, and also for the PC. This is, in fact, it should be a good thing, but, apparently, it is not for everyone. On Twitter, reactions, and show that some of the PS4 Fans, they have a point of view about the things that are spread out.

PS4 players will get a powerful game on the PS4, such as the time Horizon of Zero to the Lord for more than three years (!!!) the later PC-players go in may. This is supposed to be for all of the pages in the “fair” or not?

Horizon, a Zero-day to PC: Not all of the PS4 gamers are happy

You might win, based on yesterday’s reactions on Twitter, with the impression that you are not a Fan, have to do with this fact, it is not a Problem. In addition, Guerrilla Games there are a few negative reviews, which are also located at the bottom of the waist line. Will complained, among other things,thethe (ex) – the PS4 seems to be unique to the games, the competitive platform. With the Slogan “Only on Playstation” would be devalued as a result. And with Nintendo bringing out the counter-example of a company that has not released its major Assets on the PC.

A particularly violent reaction (note: the Satire it is!) the official announcement of the PC’s on Reddit, steep-sided, in which one player is supposed to show the Equipment will be destroyed, and, therefore, also directly from Sony, guerrilla Games, Hermen Hulst, and Shuhei Yoshida is all about. The Video has almost 750,000 calls, however, a Twitter User described as a “parody Account.” As such, the Video is viewed.

But that doesn’t change the fact that even an ex-guerrilla Games-developer to interfere with. He asks, what is it to “go to hell” to the people. Have you ever released a game that is down to the players. Now, you can enjoy a larger number of people. This fact would not have experienced the pleasure of the PS4 players will only be because some of the players out more.

Horizon, a Zero-day appears on Steam

In the meantime, there’s already a steam page for the Horizon to Zero in time, which introduces the “Complete Edition”. As of the date of the Release is the summer of the year 2020 is specified by the Publisher on the Playstation Mobile is. The Horizon Zero-The Dawn a multi-award-winning Action role-playing game,” and the Complete Edition for the PC contains the main game, and some of the packages, but also to the tremendous expansion of The Frozen Wilds, with other abilities, weapons, and engines.

Basically, the PC version of the collection edition Version of the PS4 it’s like, it’s description, it’s the lack of an agreement with the Steam, only to be Reborn in the digital and the PS4’s Design. To be referred to as:
• Carja storm guardian’s Outfit, and Carja-power of the
• Carja Reseller Package
• Banuk, a pioneer in Laundry and Banuk Keulbogen
• Banuk Traveler Package
• Daughter-In-Law, Guardian Pack

06:00 pm
Horizon-Zero Sunrise – Video-retrospective on the first year of the Action-Adventure

Also popular among PCGH readers: <strong>At last, </strong>Sony confirms that the PC Version on the Horizon for the Zero-day to the daylight saving changes” src=”×133/2018/02/Horizon-Zero-Dawn-1-Jahr-pc-games_b2teaser_169.jpg”/></span></span><span class=textFrame><span class=limitTextFrame><span class=platformBar><span class=topflag>The TOP</span><span class=PCThe PS4

At last, Sony confirms that the PC Version on the Horizon for the Zero-day to for the summer

The PC Version of the PS4-the granada, the Horizon is Zero, and the Dawn is coming! But Sony also has some very bad news to the platform for a multi-player game. On the horizon are Zero, the Dawn shows itself to be a Version for the PC on Amazon, (1)PCThe PS4

The Horizon Zero-The Dawn it shows you how to up a PC Version at Amazon.

The Playstation 4 appears to be unique to the line of the Horizon, a Zero-day, for a gaming PC? In the case of Amazon, which already exists in the list. Horizon, a Zero-day to PC: in Accordance with the well-known game journalist, or by 2020 (1)PCThe PS4

Horizon, a Zero-day to PC: In accordance with the well-known game journalist, or the year 2020

There are new rumors that a Version for the PC on the Horizon: non-Zero in the Morn and come from a very reliable source. With the Release of blockbusters in the year 2020.

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