Sony’s silence on the PS5 and Microsoft and the Xbox Series, X plays on the card

Around the time of Christmas will bring this year, both Microsoft and Sony new consoles. Watch Series, the X-man that has received a lot of official information, for and Playstation of 5, however, it became silent. The Sony is not able to reveal the complete console, it says it on the PS5 site. The sure thing is that both of the new consoles, AMD’s SoCs are going to work with. So much for the PS5, the Xbox Series, X, are as defined for a CPU on the Basis of the first-2-in-architecture. Also, it will be installed on both the devices is a SSD, the load times are noticeably faster.

Xbox, X-Series, with a 120 Fps UHD promise, it’s a Sony with 120 Hertz, the statement

Mark Cerny, the nature of the hardware on the PS5, an architect, has announced that it is built on the side of Ryzen processor, and a Navi-GPU ray tracing effects. Sony says video games should be in the 120 Hz UHD. In addition to this, the Playstation 5 is an extra cost for 3D Audio, the unit’s AGE. This song is for it to be possible to increase the Immersion. The PS5’s built-in storage, Sony is referred to as a band and a large SSD, which is supposed to be the fastest SSD on the market. By way of an HDMI-to 2.1-connecting the PS5 is also a content in the 8-in, UHD again. The media can be streamed only on the Internet, but also by the UHD Blu-ray is going to be played. The PSVR-compatible Headset with the PS5 is compatible. For more information on the official remains with Sony, but it will still be found guilty.

Microsoft, however, has already let the cat out of the bag. Xbox-X Series, you should be able to give – as Do the games in UHD at 120 Fps (frames per second again and again. When, and only when you are playing games at 120 Fps (frames per second, low-latency, it is important to have a good experience of the game. For this reason, there will be a new feature called Dynamic lag, such as the Director of Xbox Program Management, Jason Ronald, said. In addition to VRR for the Xbox, the X Series also offers a patented function called the Variable Rate-of-Shade. The idea behind this is that the areas of the screen with a low contrast, or in scenes with heavy motion blur under the render, it is precisely because the human perception can perceive any area of the screen, with the same accuracy. So, it saves a bit of processing power for the really detailed areas that are shown on the connected Display. With the use of the technology is VRS, and the Xbox Series, X, you should be able to, to be able to the UHD gaming, with up to 120 frames per second. Here, the work is computationally intensive, and in addition to Ryzen’s CPU, with eight cores, a graphics unit in the RDNA, a-2-base-12 Teraflops, such as Microsoft, is chief of the division of Xbox in Phil Spencer, in person, she announced. So it should be here too, ray tracing purposes. In addition, all Xbox One games can be played as well with the X Series

Pay attention to the years on the Sony, not Microsoft

What is clear, however, is that Microsoft is no longer competing for attention. In a Situation where, in the company of Redmond, was not for a long, long time. For example, in a 21-second video clip length, to the announcement of the Playstation 4, the year 2013 has recorded more than 17 million Views. In this issue, we are far away. It explains the features, such as games and subscription to Xbox Game play or even cross-play and explicitly not had it done yet, but, in order to arrive at such a high Viewing Figures. The Video of the Game in the Xbox, Go to the year 2017, for example, comes in at a little more than 700,000 calls. The first official Video for the Xbox, the X Series is provided in order to more than 10 million Views.

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Xbox-X-Series: Microsoft shows off the Tower in the Design of the new console in the Video

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The facts about the PS5 and the Xbox, the X Series:

  • So far the official information about the Playstation 5, are not well known. According to Mark Cerny, the hardware of the Sony is the architect of the console, it has Ryzen CPU-Zen-2-based Hp-GPU, and a faster SSD. The games should be shown on the PS5 to a maximum of 120 Hz.
  • Microsoft, however, reveal some of the technical specifications. Thus, the graphics unit in the RDNA, a-2-base-12 Teraflops, will come, therefore, and in conjunction with the eight-Kerner in the Zen 2 Is the Basis for the propulsion power is to be provided. So, in the game, with up to 120 frames per second in UHD should be able to. In addition, a low latency is important to you.

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