Stick terrible. Jorge Javier Vázquez warned. “The disease has returned”. Theater play canceled


March 10, 2020
(15:14 CET)

Jorge Javier Vázquez has everything ready for her big theatrical premiere after aborting his last work of theatre by the stroke he suffered last march. The next Saturday, march 14, will rise again to the stage to represent Removing to Seneca, in Córdaba. But before he did an exclusive feature for friends and family in a small theatre of Leganéson the same day that he was acting Isabel Pantoja. Some of his companions accompanied him on that day so important to him.

All of your followers will encourage you and support you in these moments so special for him. Not all have the same luck. Ana Obregón was also to go to the stage the next few months with the play Fake Live, designed exclusively for her. However you will not see the light for the time being since the biologist has cancelled his participation for the state of health of her son Alex Lequio.

ana Obregón fake liveThe long battle against the cancer of Álex Lequio continues. In comes a new assault, and mother and son are back together ne this fight. The young should move back to Barcelona to start a new treatment, imported from the united States, and be compelled to reside near the hospital for several months. For this reason, Ana Obregón, who also moved to the city of barcelona, has decided to cancel the function that was scheduled for this summer.

From the Teatro Amaya, the place where he was to represent the assembly, have confirmed the news of the cancellation and ensure that they respect the decision of Oregon: “First of all, it is a professional”. A couple of weeks ago re-entered in the clinic Ruber and worried his followers to keep quiet. Everything runs its course and is well have calmed down the parent’s employer.