The big Patch the Day it starts in March

The user with a Windows System, you can take a look at the settings, which is presumably a more-or-less Updates that are waiting for you, it is because Microsoft has introduced several versions of Windows, the locks, the Update is for the March-Patch-Day. The Updates are cumulative, are as follows:

In Windows 10, with versions of the 1903, 1909 and to share a common core operating system and a set of identical system files. Thus, the new features of Windows 10, Version, in 1909, was published in the soon to be released on a monthly basis the quality of the update to the Windows 10 Version in 1903 (in the 8th. In October of 2019 at the latest) for it.

In the Changelog of the Patch to the current Version (and it’s relatively close to us, Changelogs are mentioned in the vulnerabilities from the outside.

Upgrades to improve safety and security in the use of Microsoft, Rim, and windows Internet Explorer.

Updates to the Verification of the user name and password.

Upgrades to improve safety and security in the use of external devices (such as Game controllers, printers, and Webcams).