The cuban actress Luisa Maria Jimenez dedicates a lovely message to all women

The cuban actress Luisa María Jiménez has been added to the string of messages dedicated to the women who have flooded social networks in recent weeks on the occasion of the Day of the Woman.

The artist has uploaded it to your profile Facebook a photo from Havana, in which she appears posing in the room of a house with a glass in hand and has provided for all his followers, which he considers “women’s unique, daring, courageous, and timeless”.

“O friends! Here’s to all of us. Women unique, daring, courageous, and timeless,” wrote Maria Luisa next to the snapshot that has accumulated hundreds of ‘little hearts’ and loving message in just a few hours of shared.

Facebook / Luisa María Jiménez

There have been many women who have been grateful for the words of Maria Luisa and have paid for its kind gesture through the beautiful comments you have left in the own publication.

In them, in addition to flatter your slender figure and how spectacular that looks to 57 years of age, its fans have wanted to capture the great affection that you have to the actress, who is considered one of the most important within the cultural sphere of the Island.

“Luisa Maria you desire within the good, the better”, “Look at that, you are beautiful, thank you for your beautiful words,” “My favorite actress, always special”, “The cubans we love you for being one of the golden generation of Cuban Art and for your simplicity,” “What, slender and always the same youth, that I love you so much I don’t doubt” or “You really have been drinking from the fountain of eternal youth, thank you a thousand”, are some of those that can be read in the post from the artist.