The fire TV Stick 4K on the offer


The HDMI Dongle is, for almost all of the TV’s for 29,99 Euro sold The fire TV Stick 4K will cost 34,99 Eur. Both Media Markt and Saturn, as well as at Amazon, the Fire TV Stick, along with Alexa’s voice to the remote control in the shop. With a strike price of around 40 to 60 euros, and do not overlook the facilities on offer. Version 4 is the better Deal – for only 5 Euro extra cost is a much better version.

The fire TV Stick starting from 25 Euros

In the Stores, so you’re spoilt for choice Here, once again, at a glance:

So, the price will remain the same, the Media Markt and Saturn-were also excluded in another way, because of the shipping.

Also on offer today on Amazon: Amazon Echo-Show 5 (59.99 euros), the Amazon Fire TV-Block (89.99€) and a one-year subscription to Microsoft Office 365 (by 6 users) for 59,49 Euro.

Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K
On the supply-side: The Fire TV Stick 4K Alexa-the remote control of the Language.

All of the dealers are offering, not surprisingly, is the current best price, at a price of 25 Euros. Basically, especially if you have a proper PLAN, it’s worth it for the higher quality version, so the Fire TV Stick 4K. Here, the potential for savings is greater: For only 5 Euro more you get a device that would normally cost about 20 euros at the most.

Because of the low price, it is not, however. Also, on Black Friday and, more recently, at the beginning of February, the Fire TV Stick, 4K was the price of the offer. Lower the the Stick he was so far away from you, but not yet.

The Fire TV Stick (4)can be

The built-in HDMI connector on your TV, turn it on, and have, therefore, a smart surface, the Apps are able to install and service than streaming, especially Amazon Prime Video on your TV, you can look at. Even if your TV is already a Smart TV, and Amazon Fire TV Stick is it’s usually more opportunities for you.

The reverse does not apply-the voice is the remote control that you are told to take a break in the Rod on the one hand, directly through the button of the input you can control, for example, a Video stream, or to skip a song, on the other hand, on the whole, but it’s the start of the navigation.

The fire TV Stick vs. Google’s Chromecast

In addition to the Fire TV Stick, there’s the principle of the Google Chromecast. This is a HDMI Dongle that plugs into your TV and, now, much broader than the choices given. A comparison of the two Streaming stick you can find it here:

The Chromecast is currently on, but the truth is, it is not a gift. The standard version will cost 39 euros, for the Chromecast, Ultra, 4K support, even if the cost is 75 Euros.

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