The German Online-Shop will soon be open


The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi is about to start, there are now, officially, in Germany. The Online Shop is opening soon and we also have a store that doesn’t just happen. Guests can also enjoy a gift voucher.

Image Source: Xiaomi

Xiaomi: the Online Shop is open

It took a long time, but very soon the German customers of the Xiaomi can get their phones direct from the manufacturer without any detours through the international Amazon. As you read in the official web site of the company’s German Online Store on the 13th. In march of the year 2020 will be opened. In order to make it to Get a little more comfortable for you, and if you interested in a worth of € 20, if you are shopping for products for more than 69 euros. The gift card may, however, be of 18 years-only up to o March is going to be saved.

Xiaomi promises to deliver a service that is personal to the customer, shipping by DHL, free-of-withdrawal (for 14 days), as well as free delivery, if your order total is $ 69 (or more. Other than reading the ad, it is the German Store, only Online on the 13. Mar. At that time, interested parties will be forwarded to you when you buy it on the web site of the international Xiaomi.

The Xiaomi Mi Note, 10 it should be officially coming soon in a German Online Shop. What do we think of this phone, you can see in the following Video:

Xiaomi: a Lot of the products to Germany

What are the phones that you want to support Xiaomi in the country, it has still not been caught. However, it will be assumed that the whole of Germany was announced, the Smartphones are also referred to in germany as part of the Store. Also, the Fitness wristbands manufacturer, it is likely that, officially, it’s being offered to you. In the future, other products may also be sold as a spokesman said, Xiaomi . In China, Xiaomi sells a bunch, some of the onlookers in the article.

What Xiaomi sold in China at all, you can see the route in pictures:

Pictures of the match(20 pics)

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The Xiaomi Shop soon

In addition to the Online Store, Xiaomi wants to open in the second quarter of 2020, a first-Offline-Shop in Germany. Details, you shouldn’t have cheated in the business, but it’s still. The official announcement of the German-Im, Stores only the States that “the first off-line Store in Germany, in Dusseldorf.

Xiaomi can save you now, the good news is that bad. The flagship of the Xiaomi Mi-10 Pro for sale in China, and in the case that it has been in the 55 seconds it sold out. In less than a Minute, Xiaomi has done to earn the equivalent of us $ 25 million.

How good is the performance of the Xiaomi Mi-10 Pro, it also makes sure that the camera is a Ranking of dxomark clearly. Here are the Top mobile, sharing the first place with the Oppo Find 2, Pro. It is hoped that the new High-End phone in the near future, will be performed in German, with no tracking available.