The level of difficulty will increase after the Update


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On the basis of survival and Escape from the Tarkov has received a new Update that brings two new Features. Including the ability to “overweight,” and, on the other hand, Mechnanik “fatigue is one of them.” Both of these innovations are designed to make Gameplay generally more realistic and more difficult.

Escape from Tarkov, is, at present, the Genus is one of the best games in the Multiplayer Shooter. Praised by the players, especially the high level of difficulty, as well as a new System of play, which depends on the risk and Survival. The Patch to Update to 0.12.4, the title shall be in addition to many minor improvements, the new mechanic of “Obesity” and “fatigue”. Thus, the level of difficulty is expected to rise in the standings once again.

Escape from Tarkov, ” these are the new 0.12.4

Escape from Tarkov had been a classic from the resistance of the system, including a display, through actions, such as running or Jumping clear. However, the Multiplayer is more of a shooter is still a step in the arms and legs, each one of them has its own strength in the system, which is dependent on the other. Who the targets are, grenade, throwing it, or face-to-face flows, it flushes out the poor in the bar during the run and a Jump, the leg-empties the bar. One of the two strips is exhausted, the other is empty. “Fatigue,” that is, when a resistance for an extended period of time is low. The resulting effect is also proportional to the power consumption of the other’s actions.

In the case of “overweight” is a classic. Escape from Tarkov dividing the weight of the values of the various items into groups and provide them with no negative effects. If you use, for example, many of the objects, and to receive a higher level of noise. In addition to this, it is consumed at a faster and more powerful. A complete list of Changes with the Update to 0.12.4, you’ll find it below this message or on the website of the developer.


  • The exchange place has been refurbished
  • The exchange of the location of the lighting has been up-to-date
  • The new interactive objects, new, spot exfils
  • A lot of problems with the culling of a physical hadron Collider have been fixed
  • A new mechanics, too much weight. The character has multiple debuffs, while carrying a certain amount of weight (an increase in the number of equipment noise, the movement, the speed limit, an increase in the strength of the consumer, etc.).
  • Fatigue, the effect of the penalty has been added to the page that appears, if the player keeps the resistance at a low level for a long, long time. The power consumption is increased with this effect.
  • Now, on The strength of the character, the indicator is divided into the arms and legs. The resistance arm is used when the objective is to make throwing grenades and fighting with weapons, hand-to-hand. The legs of the resistance, it is used for running, jumping, changing position, etc. Accordingly, the leg strength begin to drain when in the hand, the resistance drops to zero.
  • The “trading “market of the fleas”, “inventory” buttons have been added to the bottom panel of the interface you want to access quickly.
  • The new grenades are hand-held, based in the VOG-17 and VOG-25 mock-ups.
  • The resolution of the screen is to be automatically determined and used as the default settings when you first launch the game.
  • The new weapon mods
  • Sets a new character customization and equipment
    • The new BEAR is higher than so-called “Telnik”
    • The new BEAR’s trousers, called “the Tiger”
    • The new US top-so-called “TIER2”
    • New to US, the pants, called “the Commando”
    • The new SCAV top “Olimpic club of Russia”
    • The new vests, tactical vests, backpack, helmet, turn on the headset
  • World’s first case of
  • The new return-of-serve, and new trading regimes and that this withdrawal
  • The new hiding place to the preparation of the scheme
  • New missions, new equipment, and as a reward for


  • The smaller the radius of the optimizations
  • The smaller decals on the optimizations
  • Many of the optimizations for the stability of the server


  • Fixed a bug in saving the weapons to the default setting, all of the inventory and the transactions of trading could freeze in
  • The fixed portion of the inventory display bugs in the 2k (or 1440p) screen resolution
  • Fixed a bug where the AI bodies would fade away during reconnect
  • To view the notices for the receipt of weapons from a SCAV-box has been fixed
  • Fixed a bug when the production of the timer can not be updated when the generator ran out of fuel
  • Fixed a bug when it was impossible to get into the cache in the graphics card Bitcoin farm
  • Fixed a bug when the context menu doesn’t appear on the items that are brought in by SCAV
  • Fixed a bug when the item would be non-examination of the production of
  • Fixed a bug when you do it with a gun or a melee weapon, press the a button to sprint twice, and the character runs on the spot
  • Now, you’re not going to get kicked to the main menu, once you get a “the inventory is full”error
  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to transfer items from a first-person view
  • – Fixed the pop-ups that may not appear in the middle of the screen
  • An error occurred while the pop-up window appears with a list of items missing pops up, in addition to the screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused errors at the flea market, as long as there is an exchange offer
  • The other a number of bug fixes, and bug fixes


  • Stimulating the parameter has been set, it debuffs become more and more weak,
  • The weight of many items has been adjusted
  • The flea market is now available from the 15th of the month the NORMAL level (which is level 5)
  • Small reflex sights, and the bullets were to slow down (mira, romeo, trijicon)
  • The values of the accuracy of the gun, features that are now on display in the Minute-Of-Angle
  • We have a weapon named the weapon of the default presets, they are related to the

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