The Mega-game exhibition E3 will most likely be cancelled due to the Crown

At the Electronic Entertainment Expo, is considered to be one of the world’s most important Gaming trade fair in the world. However, in order to 2020, the mega-event is cancelled, in accordance with the insider report, most likely due to the Coronavirus.

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In the event of the video games, the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) in Los Angeles, california, is cancelled, 2020 as well. The art magazine ‘ Ars Technica,” the report, based on the Information type. On Twitter, developers, and journalists to report on the fair would be canceled.

The reason for the cancellation is unknown. But it is believed that the spread of the Coronavirus may be the cause. The organizers of E3, the Entertainment Software Association (ESA), has not commented yet on the rumors. At the beginning of March, the ESA has announced that the fair would take place, observe, that the Situation is “day”.

The Tweets indicate the beginning of the

On Twitter, the game’s journalist Mike power has informed that the ESA will report on Wednesday morning (local time) on the date of the end of E3. The power supply is based on “multiple sources”.

The developers of the game, and the Developer of the Digital advising in a Tweet that those visitors are more likely to cancel flights and hotel reservations. The developer is best known for games like “serious Sam”, and “Hotline Miami”.

In response to a Tweet from Devolver Digital, the game’s journalist Jason Schreier reported that at least two persons,” says that at E3 this year is going to be cancelled. Another source of contacts is the european space AGENCY has been denied, but speculation.

The E3 is considered a fair game

The E3 is considered to be one of the most important game fairs in the world, and has existed since 1995. Since the fall of 2017, the Event is also open to the general Public. By 2019, nearly 200 exhibitors were represented at the exhibition grounds in the Los Angeles area, including industry giants such as Microsoft. About 66,000 people visited the fair.

Already, rumors were circulating that the E3 will take place in the year 2020. The impulse of, among other things, the termination of the company, Iam8bit at the beginning of March. The company has been as a Creative Director and, among other things, the Design of the products to be responsible for it. Also, Sony had announced at the beginning of January, and the 3 skip.