The new Smartphone, Xiaomi’s other side is wrong?


– Xiaomi will show you in a few days, the new smart phones, which are designed to provide an excellent price-performance ratio. One of the models of the Chinese company to get into, but it’s a lazy compromise.

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Xiaomi Redmi Note-9), only with the processor MediaTek?

Nowadays, it seems as if the Smartphone manufacturer from China, if you distance yourself a little bit of your Home such as a processor, supplier and a MediaTek Chips you want. According to the latest rumours, this should be the OnePlus 8 in the Lite of the case. Thus, the costs need to be lowered to be able to Smartphones, the most affordable offer for you. According to the latest information in Reference to the regular Redmi Note 9 to the functionality of a single Chip MediaTek. It must be the Dancer in the G70, noticeably less power than the Snapdragon 720, G, and comes in your Redmi Note, 9 of the Pro – it was reported by GizChina. If you want to buy a brand new Redmi phone, you have to be careful about which Version you use.

The Redmi Note 8-Note 8 Pro, Xiaomi is equipped with two different processors – but it’s the other way around. The difference between the performance of the equipment should be in your Redmi Note, 9 Note, 9, Pro, to, once again, is significantly greater than that of the Chip is MediaTek in the model, the more expensive. For the normal price of Redmi Note in 9, it could be lower. Who is it that important that you would find positive feedback.

The Xiaomi Mi Note, a 10-close.

MediaTek, instead of Qualcomm: there is more behind the story.”

Qualcomm is an american company, MediaTek is from Taiwan. Would it not be possible that Xiaomi would like to be on the safe side by choosing one of the two processors are from different manufacturers, in different countries, without the need of risk. In contrast, with Huawei, Xiaomi does not have its own processor, and that would have been lost in the worst case. Therefore, it is not wrong to maintain the relationship with MediaTek’s fresh.