The Software for all the Windows games on Another screen >

Friends in the video, the cars from one place to Another is to play in the selection in electric is now on your (but, growing) extent is limited, which is running on the computers in the vehicles’s own On Twitter, the chief executive officer of the company, Rainway, announced the launch of a free, open source and free of charge, which brings with it, according to his information, in any of the games from a Windows PC on Another screen. However, the rapid Transmission of the Video and the speed of the connection to the database, then the necessary conditions are in place.

In a message on Twitter, Andrew Sampson, showed a Video of the segment on which it is to scroll down on a Tesla Model 3 for a collection of games, and then, in Nier: the Robots with a normal Controller to play the game.

Nier: the Robots, in fact, it’s only for Windows, and the PlayStation 4 are available. In fact, Sampson is playing the game, but not directly to the media Computer (MCU) of the Model 3. In spite of this, he had to go to the Internet browser of your vehicle, it is the address of the Internet .

The workings of the old media to the Computer?

The Whole thing works this way: Rainway is a free, Open-Source Software that can be installed on computers that are running Windows Windows Windows Windows Windows 10. In fact, the Software identifies the installed on your Computer, and games and lets you play it as a video stream from your other devices. Currently, with Apps for iOS and Android devices, and the Internet address to Play it in a Browser. Newly added is the support for your Browser from one place to Another-USING it right now, I’m afraid.

Of course, the Flow of video data, it requires a fast Internet connection, especially when you are Playing games, also lots of input from the user need to be transferred. In addition to this, the most recent Version of the Tesla-media-to-computer call, it is likely to be the MCU2, to be useful, or even necessary. The most recent, But the included games require the more modern, USING the old run, if it is, it’s only a simple Atari classics such as Asteroids.

This does not mean that the Rainway may not be used in the MCU1, but the representation could not be obtained. In the same way, he can look at the Model S and the Model X is, in General, because it has a larger screen than that of the Model 3, but at the Top, rather than on a PC-like landscape.