This is the worst meat for your health that you can buy in the supermarket


March 10, 2020
(14:24 CET)

Sometimes it relates to the meat with diseases such as cancer, but should not put the bandage before the wound because this food is highly recommended by doctors and nutritionists, however, you need to choose the meat properly.

The meat has lots of benefits such as a contribution of high quality protein, vital in the stage of growth and development, and that allows us to keep our muscles in good condition. It also has vitamins very difficult to acquire such as B12, which we can find especially in the calf’s liver or kidneys of the lamb.

If nothing has micronutrients that are key to our health such as zinc or iron.

Not all meats are recommended

Careful with the red meat. The World Health Organization (WHO) warned of the link between the consumption of red meat and processed and the risk of developing cancers of the bowel, pancreas, or prostate, so go with some care, and as we always recommend, without abuse.

What are the red meats? Essentially the beef, pork, lamb, horse, beef, or goat.

What are the processed? There we find the sausage, ham, beef jerky or smoked.

A study conducted by Harvard university indicate an important relationship between the increased intake of proteins from red meat, and processed with higher odds of risk of death with other proteins of plant foods.

However, as indicated by the WHO itself what there is to do is to moderate the consume and not remove it for a healthy diet. Exactly say the following: “do not eat more than 500 grams (weight cooked) of red meat a week […] and eat little, if any, of processed meat”.

So what do we eat?

The most healthy thing we can eat in terms of meat are the so-called white meats, which contain less saturated fats and therefore reduce the risks to our health.

Among them we have the chicken, the turkey, the rabbit, or birds. Which if you don’t cook much, be careful with the grilled meat!, should not give problems for our health.