This week: a Lot of good deals at Media Markt & Saturn


Only for a very short period of time, the Media Markt and Saturn, and with the cheap technology Offered in their stores and Online. The strong, among other things, transactions in categories television, game consoles, desktop computers, Laptops, Smartphones, SSDs, and family, to be offered for a small device & co.

The two well-known retailer of electronic products to go on the Deal in the final sprint. Already on the 15th. On Sunday, march deals from MediaMarkt Prospekt, and in the Reference Leaflet. Especially the Latter offers, for a few days with some free gifts in the Form of the technology in an attractive Bundle from the Online Shop. Many of the price of bananas is, therefore, to achieve the best possible and, moreover, so that you are delivered with free shipping to your home. Special coupons or Coupon Codes must be entered for the discount, the final price will be displayed directly in the shopping cart.

Some of the best technology in the business of the Media Markt and Saturn

As an alternative, pick – up at the next media Markt or Saturn store is available to you. While the order on the Internet, you can check the availability before you place the product directly and pay a visit to the reserve in the market. So, you can do the usual opening Hours of today’s technology, especially for pick up.
The Market For Media, Prospects And Services, In 2020The excerpt from the actual prospectus is Offered by the Media and the market

The cheap SSDs, external hard drives, FritzBox Router, and a Nvidia graphics card

We begin with the case of the Reuters news-read popular media from the storage area. The market for media offers in this category, the SanDisk Ultra 3D SSD (optional) with 1 TB of storage for 111 Euros for the 512 GB version for 69 euros. For the console gamers to have a look at the Seagate drive of the game for the PlayStation 4 to be able to do this with a external hard drive with 2tb for $ 69, -€. Down to € 49 there is, however, the WD Elements with 1 TB of Western Digital, or do you attack it with a 128 GB SanDisk MicroSD card, which provides for only 19 Euros extra for an SD card of up to 32 GB of memory.

Along with the hard disk drives and Ssd drives at the Media Markt and Saturn, with the other technologies, and a good bargain. As soon as you will find in our Online Shop, for example, the WLAN-Router AVM FritzBox 7590, along with an external USB hard drive (1tb) for a low price of just 199 € and the Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070, Super graphics cards from Asus, including the WD Blue, the 3D-SSD with a 500 GB of storage space, as well as the game of Call of Duty: black ops, Modern Warfare, for a total of only 539, -€. There are also 200 GB of MicroSD-memory cards from SanDisk, purchase it today for only 27 Euro.
The Saturn Brochure, Offers, 2020Present for all of us: the Saturn for sale at amazing prices, but the offerings in the Package

Laptops, An Xbox, a PlayStation 4, and Nintendo has lowered to Change the strong

The new Hdds and Ssds, of course, computers, laptops, and consoles bring. Also, Media Markt and Saturn have to match offers on the website and in the prospectus. The Acer Aspire 3, with a 15-inch display, Intel Core i3 processor, 8gb of memory and a 512 GB SSD, for example, are now available for just $ 399. Or use one of the most powerful, the Acer Aspire 7 processor, quad-Core Intel Core i7-9750H (6 cores) and a Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 with the discount, the price of 999 euros. A little more expensive, the Microsoft Surface come with the Type Cover and the Office 2019 to 549 euros for the balcony, however, is.

In terms of consoles, there’s a bargain to see the bounty hunter as a good deal. First of all, the Xbox One’s in the Digital Edition, including all three Games for as little as $ 129, or the Xbox-One-X-Star-Wars-Jedi: the Fall of the Order, and the Speed-of-Heat-289, -€. Games, Move on to a new Version, with a longer run time on the battery, it drops the price and ends up at 309 euros. The PlayStation 4 (1TB), there are, however, two controllers, and 20, FIFA for 299 euros, for the PS4, Pro beats it in a Bundle with the Hunt: in the Showdown, with only 333 euro. While the consoles and the Games it offers, the online “Get 3, pay 2″promotion for almost all of the games of the choice.
The Market For Media, Prospects And Services, In 2020Only while stocks last, To new technology Offerings and market Media

Major discount on 4K TVs, Tablets, and smart phones with no contract

Also, it is worth it to See the heavily-discounted 4K TVs for the discounted stock Media Markt and Saturn. Among the Highlights of the 75-inch Samsung IN THE 75 Q70R with a resolution UltraHD, HDR, and QLED technology for only 1949 Euro at the time of 3499 euros and LG DISPLAY’s 55-E97LA with a 55-inch display diagonal, the LG SL8YG of the Sound (a value of approx. At € 479), for only 1699 Euro. Significantly cheaper, however, it is also on the Sony KD-65XG8505 (65-inch) to 977 eur Samsung UE 65 RU7099 (65 inches), including a Sound bar for only 649 euros.

You can’t, at the very least you have to forget about the cheap Android 10 Tablets and Smartphones out of the box. The Samsung Galaxy S20 models, for example, are now available at Media Markt that are available, and also the predecessor on the Galaxy, S-10 series will be reduced in price. In the case of Saturn, however, is the Google Pixel, the 3rd, including a Nest-Mini-Wi-Fi, built-in speaker that is capable of providing, for 315 euros to bring to your attention. Also, in the middle: the Samsung Galaxy A71 for 429 euros. From a Tablet perspective, the iPad from Apple (2019) it is recommended that, in conjunction with the Apple and a Pencil for just 459 Euros, including a year-on-Apple-TV+.

The other technology offerings, including home appliance, Smart House products, desktop PCs, Blu-rays, and a camera, which you can find at Media Markt & Saturn.

For those new to service at Media Markt Now, with the technology and buy the save!
For gifts for all of the action in the case of the Saturn All of the new brochure provides an Overview of the

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Bargains, specials, sales, discounts, Promotions, special offers, Saturn, the period of the buy-to-noise ratio

Bargains, specials, sales, discounts, Promotions, special offers, Saturn, the period of the buy-to-noise ratio