Very unpleasant. And is Mila Ximénez. No one expected this, but it has been


Mila Ximénez crying

March 11, 2020
(11:33 CET)

Save me it takes ten years of operation. The program is not suffering in terms of audience, although there are a few days more good than others. After leaving the set all are friends, however while the cameras before they star in the biggest battles. The program is a show that is completely guionizado and when he touches one touches the other. These last few weeks, the great protagonist has been Lydia Lozano and his false exclusive, this week he has touched the turn of Mila Ximénez.

Is this the same Mila Ximénez? They asked the co-workers after his departure from GH VIP 7. The tertuliana more known in the world of the heart was not present nor in the concert of Isabel Pantoja or in the debut of his friend Jorge Javier Vázquez in the theatre. The journalist had other plans that did not include their peers.

Mila XimenezSocial networks have given your answer and not really liked it to the collaborator. Almost the end by the sink. “Mila is a person who is full of hatred, doesn’t see his failures and his family and their supposed friends are not much help because they applaud all their insults and rudeness. To see who holds all of what he told this woman to Hugo Castejón”wrote one user.

“That reason had Santana when he pulled away and silenced Mila”, said another viewer. “It is now believed someone in possession of personal merits, for having reached the final of Big Brother Vip”, had another with reference to the direct question that was made from the set of Save me.

Save me you want to repeat the same thing that happened with Lydia Lozano, that reported the best audiences in the entire history of the program, with Mila Ximenez. Now they are analyzing their news.