Vodafone complaint an “exclusive undercover” in the agreement between Movistar and Disney+


It is not gold that glitters. Sunday 8 march Telefónica announced an agreement that many had hoped with Disney+ to integrate the contents of the platform to their services of Movistar+. Despite not giving details, the information reassured the customers of the Spanish company and shut down the rumors about a leak of subscribers with the new release. But now, the rest of the panorama of the streaming is starting to react.

According Movistar Disney+

According to reports InvertiaVodafone is not at all happy with how things are done. The telephone operator considers that the alliance a hidden agreement “exclusivity undercover” that makes it difficult to integrate the contents of Disney+ the rest of the companies. So, the british company has sent a letter to the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC) calling the situation of “desvantajosa and intolerable”, and asking the agency to take action.

Apparently the operator was also finalizing an agreement with the company of Bob Chapek. However, after the announcement of Telefónica, everything would be twisted and the negotiations would have taken a radical turn that would leave out of Vodafone and the other operators all of the content Disney.

Or all, or none

The key of everything is in the exclusive catalog. While it is true that Telefónica is defined as “strategic ally” of the new platform, at no time is it mentioned that this could have the consequence of rupture with other operators. According to Vodafone, this would be a fraud that undermines the “spirit of the commitments” that has always defended the CNMC.

By the time the commission has not been pronounced, as well as the other parties involved. But since then, Disney+ is not going to have an arrival easy-to-Spainat least while a solution is not found that content at all. The platform will be released next march 24. Anyone may subscribe to the platform and enjoy its catalogue in the applications official for devices, and Smart TVS, but for the moment, only customers of Movistar will be able to find it (when you make the agreement effective) in your decoder.