VPN, ad-blocker Apps cal ffelten secretly in the data to the Sensor Tower

It is always about one thing: Sometimes, it’s not only the providers of the services and programs that are designed to protect you from harm, and that they act as a sort of Trojan horse. That is what happened, apparently, in the case of the application of the Sensor Tower. The developer offers both the VPN and ad-blocker Apps, to enhance, however at the time of the privacy you have diligently collected data.

At least 20 Applications of the Sensor Tower, to the Android and Apple’s iOS are going to be affected in any way. Here are the Links to the respective Applications, the Sensor is in the Tower, were of course, because he would have been able to provide the user with all the information. Because the Sensor Tower on their official Website that they provide to developers and businesses with a rich data set, and then for the users, production, and marketing. The Apps were sold under the guise of other developers as well.

In the Applications, Sensor Tower have come together to more than 35 million Downloads. App, about Free, Unlimited VPN, Luna, VPN, Mobile Data, and If the Focus of the Android and If the Focus and the Luna VPN for Apple’s iOS. In the meantime, Apple and Google have removed the Apps after being notified, the Fund, and the inter-linkages with the Sensor Tower.

The tower to the Sensor is given to the collection of the data, but it says that it is only for the use of the anonymous and the analysis of the data collected as it had been. The User has a prompt for the Root-pass-certificate-free. It was justified by faith, so that, for example, the ads can be effectively blocked. At the same time, it is also a security risk, but it is clear to you.

As has already been mentioned, he defended the Tower from the Sensor to the process, as there is no sensitive data had been collected, and all of the bonuses have been set up. There is no reason for excitement, because for the majority of Applications, the company has already been set up or are in the process of saying good-bye. However, this was not voluntary, because, as Apple is said to have been removed in the past at around the 12-Applications of the Sensor Tower-from the official app Store, because it is a violation of the guidelines.

Spiced Apple and Google don’t want Apps in the Root of the handling of the certificate. Sensor tower they this is a requirement of the Application after Installation, you will be prompted to spend money, which then triggers the Setup of a certificate on the external web Site. At the least specious of all this the question is, why did you change the connection of the Sensor with the Tower in the Background, all of it.