“We called dad”. Felipe VI, advised. New scandal on the way. Famous strip of the blanket

March 11, 2020
(14:30 CET)

For if in the Home Real were not already enough scandals with all the controversial information that are appearing on the king emeérito Juan Carlos I, now the king Philip you already know that there is a new mess on the way. And eye because it is not a mess less. On the contrary.

Yes, the protagonist again of this story is none other than Corinna. It is evident that, in view of the controversies that are being created around the entrepreneur, and a German lover during many years of Juan Carlos Ithe name of Corinna is such that in The Zarzuela begins to be more than banned.

The new mess with Corinna

But eye because the controversy that is beginning to grow it is of the fat. It turns out that the son of Corinna, Alexander, has already been met 18 years, which means you can start to publish pictures of her.

And of course, taking into account that there is no secret that his mother was one of the mistresses of the king, there are those who see Alexander “a side of Bourbon…”, as they say many in the networks.

Whether or not the son of the emeritus know (if it is known) in the future. For the moment, what we have been able to know thanks to Pillar Eyre is that the ratio of Alexander with Juan Carlos it was more than good.

And is that the journalist specialized in the Home Real he has published his column in Readings revealing details of the relationship. And eye because they are a bombshell: “IShe called him dad! itAlexander, the son of Corinna Larsen, called dad to Juan Carlos! I wanted it as a child! Do you deserve that loving fatherly 65 million euros? Do the services provided by Corinna can be quantified in this outrageous dowry?”.

We’ll see if this new controversy, taking into account that Corinna looks like it’s going to be one of the main protagonists in the Royal Family in the next few months, or not travel.