When will the hackers hack the hackers: Tools that get infected with Malware


It’s not always the big companies, or for the average user of the Internet, the targets of the hackers. At the time, the hackers are one of the victims of the attacks of like-minded people.

Also, hackers are attacking the safe from hackers, notes Amit Serper, new season, in a forthcoming article. A newly discovered Malware show the attackers the years, one of the most popular Available to infect, and Tools. Thus, the data from the databases will be filtered out, and the hackers that come in the best-case scenario, a Trojan horse Remote access. If the affected Tools to be opened, the hackers have full access to the target Computer. It also includes files, passwords, and access to a Webcam and a microphone.

The trojans should be in 2013, and is spreading via Phishing-E-Mails from the infected Flash drive. In the meantime, the Malware is hosted, often in a fixed or sites are down, and from there it spread all over.

The author has confirmed to Techcrunch, to engage the attackers in other words, in a particular manner, in the case of a publication that can be manipulated with Tools that are relevant Hacker forums. The expert assumes that the Trojan horse is nearly blown every day at the Tools Available and, under certain circumstances, has been automated, suggesting that the attacks are being carried out without much interaction from the user.

Why hackers hack other hackers?

The raiders are, more often than not, to spy on the personal data to other hackers, but if you are looking for valuable information to, for example, those companies that have managed to get the other Hacker is already a success. This means that for every one Hacker is hacking another Hacker, you can get access to all the data that is collected by these hackers, the spread of Malware and trojan horses. That makes safety experts, it’s more difficult to understand how the attackers are getting more specific in that it is not necessary that the target of the attack is directly at the target, but the data and information of the intrusion of a third party are obtained. Currently, we don’t know who is the source of the attacks.

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