Windows 10 Update: Microsoft recommends to Uninstall


You’d think Microsoft would have learned, after many mistakes with cracked Upgrades from the last lesson. But, it seems that the company has a policy for Software that is still in his hand. The latest offender comes in the Form of cumulative Updates, which leads to many errors in this blog.

Users have complained

The package is updated with the name of KB4535996 is delivered to you as of the end of February and promises of Bug Fixes on several points, including the Printing, and the service life of the battery. At the time of improvement, has, however, certain that you to significant issues. To be affected, according to reports Techradar problems with the start up, sudden crashes, performance limitations, Wake-up-from-sleep, etc.

A user writes a Microsoft Support Forum: “The Update has been installed on my PC and now it won’t boot. The BIOS POST Test fails, then a series of Beeps and a black screen. I bought it in the first 5 days.” Another wrote that he had installed the Update to more than 200 companies, all of the computers that crash with a blue screen of Death (BSOD).

– Microsoft answers

A Microsoft employee has replied to a topic in the Forum, it’s now 13 pages and, in truth, the blog Post is a report of a user experiencing problems with Microsoft’s Visual Studio. A simple-seeming bugs in the “signtool.exe” it prevents the Code is signed. At Microsoft, wrote in response: “We are aware of the problems with the signtool.exe after you have installed the latest optional Updates to Windows 10, A Version of the 1903 or the Windows 10 Version in 1909 (KB4535996) is aware of it.”

In addition to this, the company explains: “If you have any more problems or errors in connection with the signtool.exe occur, you can uninstall the optional Update, KB4535996.”

The tip to update

Technology is not a book that is recommended in the event of any Updates to install immediately upon release. In addition, the users should wait and see if the update works for others without problems. This is the case, then it should be installed with the Software, but also in a timely manner, as they may contain fixes for critical security vulnerabilities. Our tip: the Microsoft critical Updates, always at the beginning of the month, after that it is optional and up to the same experimental consequences, of a Software package. Also, Windows will only install critical Updates automatically. The user, therefore, should never be in the Windows settings manually for the Updates as optional Updates, to get to the computer.

Also of interest: the Macs are almost twice as likely to be the target of cyber-attacks, such as Windows-based PCs

To uninstall the Update again

Fortunately, Uninstalling the errors is made up of the Updates on a Windows-based computer to quickly. The package KB4535996 is really the root cause of the problems, they should be addressed with a software Update. The Updates may be in the path about the Setting Windows Update>To view your update history>Uninstalling The Updates click with the right mouse button to click on to be removed.