With a JEEP you can drive against the Crown: the China record-the answer of one place to Another

That is similar to the Model S and Model X

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The Tesla Model X and Model S, there is a Organic Defense, So as to provide for the protection of the occupants in the front of the Coronavirus. The Chinese car manufacturer Geely is now in “record time”), a filter similar to the system that is developed to protect against Covid-19.

The new Geely-Icon of the Filter, particularly to guard against the Coronavirus.

The new Geely-Icon of the Filter, particularly to guard against the Coronavirus. (Source: Geely)

The Chinese car manufacturer Geely is not even in this country is quite unknown, and, finally, the group is also home to Volvo as a subsidiary. Following the release of the brand new Coronavirus, and it is associated with severe lung disease Covid-a 19-a-car in the group receives a particularly high level of interest in the new Hybrid SUV by the name of the Icon.

As The Sunday Times, was presented with the car at the end of February, in the country of origin-China online and has been able to generate inside a short period of time, more than 30,000 pre-orders. One of the reasons for this, the following Feature (s) that is most certainly:

“As a response to the Coronavirus epidemic, Geely has developed in a record time is a new, smart, and N95-certified filter system. It works hand-in-Hand with the air-conditioning on the Icon, and it effectively eliminates bacteria and viruses.”
Geely, In The Press Release

The filter system can guarantee protection, but it may be according to The Sunday Times, he wondered, such as the corona virus, it will often have a diameter of less than 0.3 microns and viruses can be filtered out from this size, up to 95 per cent.

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The Tesla Model X and the Tesla Model S, the optional Organic Defense, So it has a HEPA Filter that can filter 99.97% of all particles down to a diameter of 0.3 micro meters. But also, this Filter can not guarantee one hundred percent protection. Corona is a virus that usually have a diameter of between 0.06 to 0.14 micro meters. Since they are not isolated, but is in the form of a Droplet to be transferred, and these droplets are, in turn, passes through the Filter, you are given a certain amount of protection.

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