With these features, the Update brings it to ipad, iPhone, and iPad

Apple is going to announce the next big Update for iPhones and iPads in June at the WWDC 2020: right now, the Features of the iOS to 14, and the iPadOS are cleared.

iOS, 14, and iPadOS 14 is still a few months away, however, the casting of the first features of the upcoming major Updates. Among other things, it is to be expected with an Initial review of a new Fitness App, as well as an Update of the Apple in Pencil.

iOS, 14, along with a new Homescreen view

One of the most visible of apple’s 14 and it seems to be a Review of the Homescreens, as 9to5 Mac reported. Today, with the iOS Apps via the Icons on the Homescreen and the search display. From a Review of the Homescreens, a new View should contain a list of all the Apps in the tray. Thus, it should be easier for you to see all of the applications that are installed in the blink of an eye.

iPadOS the Homescreen. (Image: Apple)

With the iPadOS Apple by 2019 to have introduced a brand new Homescreen for the ipad – the iOS of 14, could make a difference on the iPhone. (Image: Apple)

This is the new view from the list, the one that sounds a little bit like the App Drawer of your Android device, also offer a number of options to sort and much more. According to 9to5 Mac, for example, to display all the Apps with unread notifications. In addition to this, there is a Filter for the most recently used Apps, so you can quickly see what apps are using the most and the least used. The last one, then, you can delete any of the.

In addition, the display of the list is to offer ‘smart suggestions’, including Siri support. You must appear to be in order, depending on the time of day and the specific location of the application. If you have, for example, an on-the-go or at the gym, it is recommended that an Application of the music.

iOS, 14, brings a new Application of the art Fitness

A logical continuation of the first 14, the new Features are supposed to be of a new dedicated Fitness App, to be developed under the code name of “His,” and, in the final Version, likely to be a “Fit” or “Fitness” could mean. You will be in the Macrumors, according to the independent, and on the iOS, 14, watchOS 7, and tvOS 14 can be installed on it. As a substitute for the Activity of the App, you won’t be.

iOS, 14, in a variety of App-Icon. (Image: Macrumors)

iOS-14-Fitness-App-Icon. (Image: Macrumors)

The new Fitness App, users of fitness-for-download-of-video, with different training and activities, and to the physical training you can take advantage of. The Apple Watch, which is then used to track your sporting activities. Possibly, also, the types of training, so that the Clock can be used, it could be expanded.

iOS 14, is with the handwriting recognition and mouse Gestures, a la macOS x

With the combination of the iPad, with an Apple and a Pencil, you can make your Design famous for a long time. (Photo: Shutterstock/PavelHeyets)

iOS, 14, respectively, iPadOS to have handwriting recognition for the Apple in Pencil on the Board. (Photo: Shutterstock/PavelHeyets)

According to Macrumors, iOS 14, also includes a new user interface (API) to the name of the Pencilkit to enable Apple to Pencil, which is flexible to use. Among other things, you should be using the API for handwriting recognition and conversion to a standard text input field of the application, such as messages, e-mail, calendar, and other laws. This is currently not supported. In addition, third-party developers can get access to the Pencilkit interface (API).

the iOS 14, to obtain a better support for Mausu, and the Track pad. (Image via 9to5 Mac).

the iOS 14, to obtain a better support for the mouse and the Trackpad. (Image via 9to5 Mac).

With the iOS, 13, respectively, iPadOS 13, Apple had built a rudimentary mouse support to the iPad. With the iPadOS 14 is a function of length is shown, as 9to5 Mac reported. So, in the future, the scope of the function should correspond, approximately, to know the Mac users of the mac os. For example, in the future, depending on the context, there are different types of indicators that can be displayed. In addition to this, the Mac should be-like Gestures, such as double-tapping with two fingers on the right button of the mouse, according to 9to5Mac, apparently, it’s also available for iOS, a 14, to be carried out.

9to5 Mac also makes a difference to the Mac: The mouse pointer doesn’t disappear when you tap on a mouse or a Track – Yes, track pads needs to be supported. The Cursor will appear again and again, so it’s going to be re-moved, according to 9to5 Mac. This has been the behavior of the cursor, as a concession to the real-Touch experience of the iPad.

iOS 14: the New features for iMessage that expected

Also, in the messages App, iMessage should get some of the new features with the release of iOS 14. However, the Characteristics are not absolute for a new encounter. In addition, Apple is apparently in the functions of the Application are, on the other, the Default Chat. As soon as the Apple over the term of the contact by using the @Symbol in the conversations of the group, as well as the removal of the messages, and also update the status of the features. In addition to the messages that have been marked as unread. Macrumors points out that it’s still in the testing phase and are not able to be a part of the Updates.

Apple’s iMessages, the iOS, with 14 new features. (Photo: Shutterstock)

Macrumors is also the one that takes you to the new Details on the Apple Label for the control of the Airtags: you must be on a very small CR2032 battery powered. By pulling a tab on the Airtag, the product is turned on. Subsequently, the Block can be connected to your iPhone or iPad by moving them close to each other. In addition to this, there are rumors that they will support inductive Charging.

The new AR Application is to merge the digital and the analog world

A new AR App that will allow you to, according to 9to5 Mac, to the point that the camera is european phone, so that the objects in the real world. On the screen of the iPhone from the information about the object or product, it’s going to get. The function can be, for example, to help with your Purchase: If you do an Apple-to-the-Store-of-silk-and you can, through the Application of the pricing information and the features of the product and comparison of products for the display, so 9to5Mac. Apple is reportedly working on the Appeal of Starbucks.

For developers, user interfaces and software development kit are to be provided, to ensure that all of your Tags, or the tags. It still is, but you don’t know if Apple is going to provide the AIR-to-function for all or only for some users.

Siri: the developer should be able to change the output of the voice

(Photo: Frank Gaertner / Shutterstock)

Siri with new language options? (Photo: Frank Gaertner / Shutterstock)

The iOS 14, the developers in the Apple could do with a new user interface, with the help of the word, the voice, the iOS device is changed. Currently, he is behaving in a way that Siri is used, the default voice for a narrator, Reading the Text every time. Using the framework of the voice of the provider, the developers were able to offer a new speech generating with their Apps, and for Macrumors. These are to be integrated as an extension to the System, which may be, among other things, the Homepod is an interesting one, because it can only be the voice of support. If the interface is for the iOS software Release 14 and later, it is coming, can’t confirm Macrumors, of course.

Apple could open up iOS to 14, the role of the Wall section by a third party. (Pictured: 9to5 Mac)

Apple could open up iOS to 14, the role of the Wall section by a third party. (Pictured: 9to5 Mac)

For other resources, as well as the future extension of the paper-to-Wall-area for the third-party providers: New wallpapers for iOS for 14 settings of the wallpaper process. From now on, it would be easier for you to change the background image, in addition to that, Apple could also open up dynamic wallpapers on for third-party developers. In addition to, furthermore, Homekit will be able to change the color temperature of lighting in the course of the day, in order to reflect the light from the sun. A new feature of the operating area, to help, to make it possible to identify sounds, such as alarms and doorbells for individuals with hearing loss.

We will assume that the above-disclosed features are just the beginning of what Apple has for the iOS to 14, and iPadOS on the job. Among other things, the company may also announce the end of a Safari-forced on to the iPhone and the iPad, and that users are free to choose from the default of the Application to give it.

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