A new type of Attack: Malware-infected Coronavirus-map

Due to the real, but the Malware would have to Coronaviruses card. (Picture: The Reason For Cyber-Security)

Security researchers have made a new attack variant is to find the Hacker and Malware to the official-looking Coronaviruses-the card is hidden. In search of sensitive data.

Topics that are of interest to you, at some point, a lot of people are also becoming a popular target for hackers to place Malware on them. The current vortex is formed in the surrounding of the Coronavirus has also attracted cyber criminals. A malware hunter, a team figured out, and now the security researchers of the Reason, the Cyber security Malware from the analysis of the attacks of the users PC’s to search on the Internet, for the Coronavirus-cards, such as The Hacker News reports.

The Malware campaign on Coronavirus-info

The user, in the context of the campaign and the Malware in place of the “real” card of the spread of the Coronavirus (Sars-Cov 2), or Covid-19 is a mistaken one. The presents itself as a deceptively real-looking card is a device that is reliable, trusted, in this case, the map is Johns Hopkins University. At the Bottom of the Malware to the computers of the users, but also to create them. The goal is to obtain sensitive data such as passwords or credit card numbers are stored in your web Browser.

The cyber criminals are working with the Malware Azorult, which was discovered back in 2016 for the first time. Supposedly, a Hacker is Russian and is currently being discussed in the forums, the current version of the Azorult as a Tool for them to steal sensitive data from the computers. The Malware, according to the Hacker News, which is also, in a variant, it creates a hidden Administrator Account, in order to allow Connections via the Remote Desktop Protocol.

Software, security, and care for it as a protector of the

In accordance with the Ratio-of-Cyber-security-of-Malware-in the Form of a Win32 Exe file that is commonly referred to as the “corona-virus-map.com.exe”. Anyone who clicks on this file, you will receive a copy of a Coronavirus-card. At the same time, a large number of files, and, finally, the data on the infected web browser will be stolen, the install but. The only remedy against these anti-variant, is a security software that detects threats and Malware and stops. As a precaution, it is, as always, be careful when you Download and Launch files from the Internet.

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