Aldi’s unification, at the home of the brand

The Discounter Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud, normalise their entire range of products. Photo: Steinberg/forester/apd (photo: AP) photo: Steinberg/forester/dpa

The Discounter Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud, normalise their entire range of products. Photo: Steinberg/forester/dpa (picture: AP)
(Photo: Steinberg/forester/dpa)

Essen/Mülheim – the millions of Aldi customer must make changes to many of the familiar products in the spotlight Because of the sister company Aldi Nord, and Aldi Sud, do you want to merge after years of Out-of-their own brand.

“Aldi Süd will take on the brands, Aldi North, and Vice-versa. This is divided into a parity basis,” says Aldi-Nord-Manager, Thomas Heinböckel. They are affected by at least two-thirds of the range of the Discount from the market leader.

By the end of the year 2020, the majority of own-brand products in the standard range and the action must be the same”, the company said on Thursday. Affected are approximately 1000 products that had previously been offered by the sister companies under different brand names and some with different recipes.

For some products, it may be that only the packaging will be redesigned. In other segments, we have designed a complete new brand identity, new varieties, and, in part, to the optimisation of revenue,” said the Aldi-Süd-Manager, Simon, is that I was holding on to. The step means, but it is not a total unification of the product range. About one-third of the products on offer will continue to be different as well. This is particularly true for regional products.

It is, however, a large incision is made for the Discount giant. From then on, the Aldi founders Karl and Theo Albrecht, in 1961, I have decided to go our separate ways, and the current of the trade into a separate company Aldi Nord, and Aldi Sud, a division of the made all over the world on the subject of its own brand, its own thing. The toilet paper was in Aldi Nord, Land, and Aldi Sud, the Glamour, and the cheese was in the South, under the brand name Alpen, a brand sold to us in the North, under the Seal of Hofburger. The orange juice was Sunny, not a River d Óro.

However, this diversity is expensive. For the sake of the revenues from the development of the design of the packaging, too, should be done a couple of times. And, in the fierce competition in the German food market is a disadvantage. A few years ago, the Aldis and began to scan the tag the jungle for a little bit. Today, there are just Dating the toilet paper at Aldi Nord and Aldi Sud. Also, the chocolate is Moser Roth, it is the same in both the strings that are available. But, in the end, it was just a small step.

Now for the big step to move to the front of it. All own-brand products, which are offered in two streams – from Laundry detergent to olive oil, should, in the future, to get a consistent look and feel. All in all, when it comes to products, with sales in the tens of billions.

Aldi would like to save the range of the harmonisation of the cost. The Discounter is under pressure because of the growth of the retail stores were to the last is really around you. According to a recent market research study of the society for consumer research (GfK) the increase in supermarket chains Edeka, Rewe and Co necklaces sales by 2019 at the latest, to around 3 per cent. Discounts, such as Aldi and Lidl have done, in contrast to this, according to GfK, a total of only 0.9 per cent. And hear how in the industry, and to beat the arch-rival Lidl is also better than that of the Aldis – perhaps it is because he does not have to comparable to their own brand of confusion.

However, even if the step is a necessary, easy, or risk free, it is not. Because the products of the brand itself, they are still at the heart of Aldi’s business model. In spite of the growing number of brands of the items on the shelf, about 90 per cent of the revenue are accounted for on a you still. In addition to this, the profit margins on own brands are likely to be higher than that of the company’s branded products. This is in the industry and, in fact, always the case. His plans were backed by business, therefore, customer surveys, and market research.

For the customer, the Discounter wants to do this conversion for you, including this treat, you’ll also get the benefit of the economy. “We’re going to make cuts in a broader scope than the permanent and the temporary price,” promises to Aldi Süd Manager, and then, looking back on it. “It certainly is not for all products but a number.”