Antonio David Flores let loose the bomb! And changes everything. Oh save me, paws up for this!


12 of march 2020
(15:07 CET)

Dew Flowers is in Survivors struggling to gain a reality that has turned out to be a boom of audience, however, to be in Honduras has prevented him from knowing that her boyfriend Manuel may have been with another girl.

And it seems that Manuel for the moment do not want to be a figure of public and spoke with his father-in-law Antonio David Flores for interpelara by him to Save me and to tell the truth.

Saw together survivors

Dew Flowers in Survivors

Antonio David recognized who saw Dew Flowers together: “Manuel stayed at home and watched the gala together. He was very concerned about the issue of “panic room” and I asked him if it was true or not“.

In fact, the father-in-law was able to know in the Manuel that the girl who claims to have had a tonteo with the couple of Dew Flowers may have some truth to it, as this will confessed that Dew had seen conversations of your own.

A start unlikely

However, Antonio David trust in him although it seems that the relationship between Manuel and his daughter has not been as good as I thought: “It’s a young lad very honest and told me that at the beginning of the relationship he had had discussions, ups and downs in the relationship but this that you are telling is not true.”

That yes, warned Manuel that will happen when you return his daughter to the Island: “When you come back Mist, and see this is not going to like it”. Is times come entertained.